Posted On: Dec 19, 2018

Amazon EC2 P3 instances are now available at lower prices than before, making them an even more cost-effective solution to meet your machine learning training and HPC needs. Effective immediately, we are reducing the 3-year Standard Reserved Instance pricing by 15% for the Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) region operated by NWCD.

Powered by up to eight latest-generation NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs, Amazon EC2 P3 instances deliver up to 1 petaflop of mixed-precision performance per instance to significantly accelerate machine learning and high performance computing applications. Amazon EC2 P3 instances have helped developers and data scientists to reduce machine learning training times from days to hours as well as reduce time-to-results for high performance computing.

With broad availability across 14 regions, developers and data scientists can train their models or run their HPC workloads where their data resides. Amazon EC2 P3 instances support all machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch and MXNet and give developers and data scientists the freedom to choose the machine learning framework that works best for their application. P3 instances are supported across all EC2 pricing options including On-Demand, Reserved and Spot Instances, with up to a 90% discount from On-Demand prices.

Customers can launch P3 instances with Amazon Deep Learning AMIs to get started with machine learning quickly. This set of Linux AMIs are pre-installed with popular deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Apache MXNet and Gluon, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Caffe2, Theano, Chainer, and Keras to train sophisticated, custom AI models, experiment with new algorithms, or to learn new skills and techniques.

To get started with P3 instances, visit the Amazon Management Console, Amazon Command Line Interface (CLI), or Amazon SDKs.