Posted On: Nov 7, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Application Auto Scaling now supports scheduled scaling, which makes it possible to scale resources at specific preset times or intervals. Application Auto Scaling allows you to automatically scale resources for Amazon Web Services services beyond Amazon EC2, including Amazon ECS, Amazon EC2 Spot Fleets, Amazon EMR Clusters, AppStream 2.0 fleets, and Amazon DynamoDB. 

Scheduled scaling allows you to pre-provision adequate capacity for anticipated demand and then reduce your provisioned capacity as demand lulls. For example, if the traffic to your web application consistently increases each morning, remains high through the day, and decreases each evening, you can use scheduled scaling to add capacity to your resources in the morning, such as increasing your DynamoDB provisioned capacity, while allowing capacity to scale-in later in the day. 

Scheduled scaling for Application Auto Scaling is available in all commercial regions. You can start using it today using the Amazon Application Programming Interface (API) and Command Line Interface (CLI). There is no charge for using Application Auto Scaling; you pay only for the underlying resources provisioned.