Posted On: Dec 1, 2016

Today, Amazon Web Services announced that we are collapsing Amazon S3 price tiers and reducing storage prices across Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier. We will collapse the number of Amazon S3 price tiers from six to three – 0-50 TB; 50 TB-500 TB; and 500+ TB – making it easier to understand your bill and project future costs. We will also reduce Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier storage prices by more than 20% in global regions. Together, these changes will help Amazon Web Services customers even further reduce their cost of storage while still enjoying the simplicity, durability, and massive scalability of Amazon’s object storage services.
The price adjustment for storage products in Amazon Web Services China (BJS) Region, operated by SINNET, is as below:
Glacier – 0.0334 RMB/GB/MONTH 55% reduction

Amazon Web Services customers will see the effect of these prices in their billing effective December 1, 2016.

In addition to the S3 and Glacier storage price reductions, Glacier is enabling data to be retrieved in minutes, is offering an ultra-low-cost retrieval option, and is replacing the rate-based retrieval pricing with flat per-GB pricing.

New retrieval options
Customers now have three options for retrieving data from Glacier: Expedited, Standard, and Bulk.
Standard: Customers can access any of their archives within within 3 – 5 hours. This the existing option and is the default option for unspecified requests.
Expedited: Customers can now quickly access their data when occasional urgent requests for a subset of archives are required. For all but the largest archives (250MB+),data accessed using Expedited retrievals are typically made available within 1 – 5 minutes. There are two types of Expedited retrievals: On-Demand and Provisioned. On-Demand requests are like EC2 On-Demand instances and are available the vast majority of the time. Provisioned requests are guaranteed to be available when you need them (but require the purchase of provisioned capacity for a nominal monthly fee).
Bulk: Bulk retrievals are Glacier’s lowest-cost retrieval option, enabling customers to retrieve large amounts, even petabytes, of data inexpensively in a day. Bulk retrievals typically complete within 5 – 12 hours.

These retrieval options are effective now.