Tianjin Amazon Web Services Manufacturing Digital Acceleration Center (IDAC)

Tianjin Amazon Web Services Manufacturing Digital Acceleration Center (IDAC) is a smart manufacturing digital empowerment center established in Tianjin in cooperation with Amazon Web Services and Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone. The center is committed to accelerating the digital transformation and innovation of Tianjin's manufacturing industry. The center will integrate the local complete manufacturing system and resources, combined with cloud services, solutions and a wide range of partners specially built by Amazon Web Services, to empower the innovative development and digital transformation of the local manufacturing industry, and promote the high-quality development of Tianjin's manufacturing industry and achieve "Manufacturing a Strong City".

Tianjin IDAC helps local manufacturing companies obtain Amazon Web Services' world-leading cloud computing technology and services, rich industry solutions, and the most It provides excellent customer practice and talent training support, and at the same time creates a manufacturing cloud environment and industry clubs to help local manufacturing companies improve their technological innovation capabilities in an all-round way.

Advantages and Positioning

Tianjin is positioned as a national advanced manufacturing research and development base, and has formed a new intelligent technology industry system focusing on intelligent manufacturing. Through the Digital Empowerment Center, the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Zone Management Committee will provide qualified local manufacturing enterprises with preferential policies such as financial support, talent training subsidies and landing tax rebates, so as to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises and realize intelligent manufacturing. Tianjin IDAC works with the local government to empower and accelerate China's manufacturing innovation transformation and global business expansion.

Technical Support

  • Amazon Web Services one-to-one technical support for smart manufacturing industry
  • Amazon Web Services Free Amazon Innovation Culture Work Camp Service
  • Amazon Web Services technical talks in various topic categories
  • Amazon Web Services technical training courses and professional services courses

Brand promotion and marketing

  • Amazon Web Services's global key conferences and activities in the smart manufacturing industry
  • Monthly and quarterly event publicity and promotion of Amazon Web Services smart manufacturing industry
  • Free small meeting venue (within 40 people)

Policy Support

  • For enterprises in Tianjin, Amazon Web Services offers up to 50% discount on cloud resources
  • Customers who meet the standards are provided with government cloud subsidies (the subsidy ratio is not higher than 50%, and the maximum subsidy limit for a single enterprise is not more than 500,000 RMB)
  • Customers eligible for the construction of the energy management center of the enterprise will be provided with town government construction project subsidies (the subsidy ratio shall not exceed 30%, and the maximum subsidy limit for a single enterprise shall not exceed RMB 500,000)
  • Eligible customers will be provided with government talent training subsidies (the upper limit of subsidy for a single enterprise shall not exceed RMB 20,000)
  • Connection between local government and preferential policy resources for investment promotion and settlement, such as tax and fee reductions, etc.

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