Suzhou Amazon Web Services Autonomous Vehicle Industry Digital Acceleration Center

Suzhou Amazon Web Services Autonomous Vehicle Industry Digital Acceleration Center is jointly established by Amazon Web Services and Suzhou Xiangcheng government. The center helps automotive and autotech enterprises to both digitalize, land and do business in Chinese market by providing Amazon Web Services’s global leading cloud technology, wide partner network and strong beneficial offerings from local government to fuel enterprise’s digital transformation effort, and get their products to market faster while allowing them to comply with China's regulation over autonomous driving data. Enterprises will be able to reduce their overall cost to cloud after they have landed their legal entity locally and reduce business expenditure if they are qualified to government preferential policies.

Technology Support

  • Amazon Web Services Automotive technology salon activities
  • Automotive Innovation Acceleration 1 on 1 consultation

Brand Promotion and Marketing

  • Showcase customer product/solution for free.
  • Promotion at IDAC quarterly auto events
  • Free venue for marketing activity within 40 people

Policy Support

  • Amazon Web Services customer with local entity can apply for government subsidy up to 30% of cloud expense with the cap of $1.2M for each customer
  • Bridge to government dedicate beneficial packages to support global enterprises landing business to China market, including business registration, investment and funding to support office rental and tax refund.
  • Access to Amazon Web Services and local auto resources and ecosystem through events and workshops held in IDAC

Why do we set up Amazon Web Services Auto IDAC in Suzhou Xiangcheng District?

Suzhou Xiangcheng district has become one of the most dynamic cluster in auto tech industry in east China, with total of around 100 autonomous related companies registered in the region including leading startups of Momenta, Qcraft, and T3, and expected to have 300 autonomous companies by the end of 2023. Local government has built an over 66km public test road for autonomous driving fully covered by 5G. In order to build up the ecosystem, the government also released beneficial policies to drive the growth of the industry and attract more companies landing business in the region, including diversified auto driving scenario built-up, government funding subsidy etc.  

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