Shanghai Amazon Web Services Healthcare and Life Science Industry Digital Acceleration Center

Shanghai Amazon Web Services Healthcare and Life Science Industry Digital Acceleration Center is the first acceleration center established by Amazon Web Services in China, dedicated to accelerating the digital transformation and innovation of China's healthcare and life science industries. Located in Xuhui District of Shanghai, the center was established in cooperation between Amazon Web Services and Shanghai Xuhui District government, aiming to integrate Xuhui District's location advantages in the HCLS industry, Amazon Web Services's global leading cloud technology and services, its solutions in the HCLS industry, global expertise and best practices in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, genomics and other fields. As well as global partner network resources, we can cooperate with Chinese technology partners to promote the implementation of industrial digital solutions in China, accelerate the development of local industries, solve the industry pain points through multiple dimensions, and empower the HCLS industry.

Shanghai Amazon Web Services Healthcare and Life Science Industry Digital Acceleration Center consists of four parts: Amazon Web Services innovation demo center, collaborative service cloud platform, industry club and global cooperation plan, aiming to help enterprises better understand cloud computing and accelerate innovation by utilizing advanced cloud computing technologies and services such as high-performance computing, data security and compliance management, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. At the same time, it helps enterprises or institutions in the industry to better connect with each other and achieve higher and further development in symbiosis and collaboration.

Amazon Web Services HCLS Demo Center

  • Demonstrate Amazon Web Services solutions in the HCLS industry, including Amazon Web Services related customers and partners
  • Meeting Rooms for EBC & Workshops Government Cloud Subsidies
  • Dedicated Amazon Web Services Subsidies - 30% up to $150K for Xuhui district customers Marketing Subsidies
  • Dedicated Subsidies for Amazon Web Services and customer marketing events
  • Free customer event venue Business Development and Innovation Match-making
  • 2,700 HCLS enterprises in Xuhui

Why did we choose to set up the first IDAC in Xuhui District of Shanghai?

Xuhui District is rich in HCLS industry resources, with more than 2,700 HCLS enterprises. In 2020, the total revenue of the industry exceeded CNY 70 billion, with an annual compound growth rate of 29%. The district has 87 foreign headquarters, including Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Aiquinweil, Fresenius, etc., as well as local leaders such as Shiyao Group, Yangzijiang Group, Jimin Pharmaceutical, Qilu Pharmaceutical, etc. In addition, Xuhui District also has rich scientific research resources in the field of HCLS, gathering 121 national and municipal scientific research institutions such as Shanghai Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 18 universities such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 9 first-class general or specialized hospitals, 9 drug clinical trial qualification institutions and 66 clinical trial qualification majors.

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