AWS China (Ningxia) Region Free Tier Terms

Last Updated: November 1, 2019

The AWS China (Ningxia) Region Free Tier program consists of offers (“Offers”) for use of AWS Services in AWS China (Ningxia) Region under the AWS Service Terms for AWS (Ningxia Region) and the terms of the Western Cloud Data Customer Agreement for AWS (Ningxia Region) or other agreement with us governing your use of AWS Services (the "Agreement"). There are two kinds of Offers: (1) Offers that apply for a 12 month introductory period (“12 Month Free Tier”); and (2) other Offers including trials and Offers without a set duration limit (generally called “Other Offers”). Both kinds of Offers are further described on the AWS China (Ningxia) Region Free Tier page.

The 12 Month Free Tier and Other Offers are available to both existing and new AWS China (Ningxia) Region customers. The 12 Month Free Tier is available for 12 months following the launch date of AWS China (Ningxia) Region Free Tier for existing customers, or 12 months following new customers’ AWS sign-up date. The Other Offers may be limited in duration (such as for trials) or in availability of free usage (such as the amount of free storage for a database Offer). The Offers will apply to only one of your AWS accounts, if you or your entity create(s) more than one account. An Organization (under AWS Organizations, when available in AWS China (Ningxia) Region) or one Paying Account and all Link Accounts linked to the Paying Account via Consolidated Billing (collectively, a “Group”) can only benefit from Offers from one account in the Organization or Group, and to calculate the use of AWS Services under any Offers under the Organization or Group, we will aggregate the usage across all accounts in the Organization or Group. You will be charged standard rates for the use of AWS Services in AWS China (Ningxia) Region if we determine that you are not eligible for an Offer.

New benefits added to the 12 Month Free Tier will be available to you for the remainder of your one year term but will not be extended. If your one year term has already expired, then you will not be entitled to any such new benefits.

If you have not used the AWS resources in AWS China (Ningxia) Region provided under an Offer during the previous 3 months, we may reclaim those AWS resources after giving you 30 days’ notice. Even if your AWS resources are reclaimed, you may continue to participate in Offers using new AWS resources in AWS China (Ningxia) Region.

Unused usage amounts remaining at the end of the month under any Offers do not roll over to subsequent months.

We may terminate any Offer on the AWS China (Ningxia) Region Free Tier at any time.

You may not use AWS Services under any Offers to mine for cryptocurrency. If you use AWS Services under an Offer to mine for cryptocurrency, we may charge you standard rates for your use of the AWS Services, and we may suspend your right to access or use any portion or all of the Service Offerings.