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Are you beginning to build your business on AWS, or expanding your offerings? Look to AWS EdStart to help you build solutions that are secure, smart, scalable, and cost-effective. AWS EdStart offers various features and resources to support you in your journey. Whether you are brand new startup or an existing business running on AWS, there are plenty of opportunities to advance your business using AWS EdStart.

AWS EdStart is a program designed to provide your education technology startup with the resources you need to get started quickly and easily on AWS. Learn more at

Yes. You must have an active AWS account with a valid payment method on file in order to join AWS EdStart. You can learn more about AWS accounts here.

Visit our About AWS page to create your free account today.

Find your existing AWS account ID here.

To become an AWS EdStart Member, you will need to complete the application form and apply to be accepted into the program. For more details, please visit the Application page.

Once accepted into AWS EdStart, you can remain a member for as long as you wish.

Applications are processed within 10-12 business days. You will receive a welcome email once you have been accepted into the program.

Due to a high volume of applications, submitting an application does not guarantee your acceptance into the program.

If you are approved for AWS EdStart, you will receive an email with information about AWS Promotional Credit validation. Additionally, you can always access your information under the "Credits" tab in your AWS account (credit amount, expiration date, remaining balance, and applicable products the credits can be redeemed toward).

AWS Promotional Credits awarded through AWS EdStart are merit based. Each company receives a different credit award based on their needs, previous allocations of AWS Promotional Credits, and outlined usage.

Yes. AWS EdStart Promotional Credits will expire on the date indicated when you receive the applicable Promotional Credit code (or such other date designated by your AWS contracting entity). Failure to use Promotional Credit before the expiration date will result in the forfeiture of Promotional Credit. We reserve the right to cancel Promotional Credit at any time. No refunds will be granted for any expired or cancelled Promotional Credit.

No. AWS Promotional Credits will expire on the date indicated when you receive the applicable Promotional Credit code (or such other date designated by your AWS contracting entity) and will not be extended.

No. These credits are designed to be a short-term, finite tool for ensuring your long-term success. Once these credits are fully utilized, or have expired, you will have the opportunity to benefit from the other resources AWS makes available for architecting your infrastructure and optimizing your costs.

You can learn more about AWS Promotional Credits on the Redeem Your AWS Promotional Credit page.

Yes. You can display the AWS EdStart Member icon on your website to let your customers know that you are an AWS EdStart Member. Use of the icon is subject to the AWS Trademark Guidelines.

No. AWS is not a sponsor of any startup or other startup-enabling organization. AWS EdStart is not a sponsorship program.

To report an issue or error on the AWS EdStart page, or to get answers to additional questions, please contact

No, AWS EdStart is a free offering. There is no cost to apply or to become a member of the program.

AWS does not take any equity from AWS EdStart members.

No, AWS EdStart is an ongoing program. You can apply at any time.

No, once you are in the program, there are no requirements for remaining in the program. However, if you want to participate in marketing activities, such as blogs, you must sign and return the AWS Marketing Authorization Form.

Once accepted into AWS EdStart, you can remain a member for as long as you wish. If you wish to leave the program, you may do so at any time by emailing the team at Once we receive your email request, we will remove you from the program database and webpage. Please note that this removal process may take up to five business days.