Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts On-Demand(OD) Instances

Instance Type

Beijing OD Price(CNY)

Ningxia OD Price(CNY)

c4 19.953 11.928
c5 29.279 19.519
c5d 36.057 23.586
d2 58.721 47.533
g3 71.3 N/A
g4dn 85.467 60.712
i3 54.943 41.207
i3en 119.465 89.283
m4 33.996 19.549
m5 53.497 35.785
m5d 67.233 43.738
p2 186.771 N/A
p3 317.49 213.387
r4 68.968 46.268
r5 64.341 46.629
r5d 78.077 54.582
c6g 20.628 13.784
m6g 28.291 18.941
r6g 34.026 24.676
x2iedn 303.031 203.025
x2idn 151.516 101.512
x1 151.528 101.523










inf1 52.076 36.714
m6i 71.33 47.714
c6i 52.052 34.701
r6i 85.789 62.173

Pricing for Window Server on Dedicated Hosts

Subject to Microsoft licensing terms, you can bring your existing Windows Server and SQL Server licenses to Dedicated Hosts. There is no additional charge for software usage if you choose to bring your own licenses.

In addition, you can also use Windows Server AMIs provided by Amazon to run the latest versions of Windows Server on Dedicated Hosts. This is common for scenarios where you have existing SQL Server licenses eligible to run on Dedicated Hosts but need Windows Server to run the SQL Server workload. The price for using Windows Server AMIs is 0.315CNY per hour per vCPU. For example, if you use a Windows Server AMI to run a r5.large instance (2 vCPUs) on a host, then you are billed 0.63CNY per hour for the instance in addition to the charge associated with the R5 Dedicated Host. This price is consistent across Beijing and Ningxia.

Note: Pricing for Windows Server AMIs provided by Amazon applies to Window Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, and 2019. Pricing is per instance-hour consumed for each instance, from the time an instance is launched until it is terminated or stopped. Each partial instance-hour consumed will be billed as a full hour for all Windows Server instances.