Gifore Agricultural Science & Technology Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gifore Technology") was founded in 1998 and listed on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2009, becoming the pioneer of listed companies in the agricultural machinery circulation industry. With the development for more than 20 years, Gifore Technology has continuously introduced innovative digital technology to provide new impetus for business development.

Relying on the industry-leading operation and management mode and unique corporate culture, Gifore Technology has built up more than 200 direct stores and nearly 3,000 township distribution service stores all over China, covering 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. At present, the Group has built a comprehensive online service platform for agricultural machinery and agriculture, rural areas and farmers based on the integration of online and offline, combining the channel advantages, talent advantages, capital advantages, service advantages and brand advantages, etc. of the listed company Gifore Technology. At the same time, Gifore Technology is also actively expanding its overseas business. In response to the strategic calls, such as "The Belt and Road" etc. in China, Gifore Technology has successively developed various businesses in the fields of agriculture and new energy in Uganda, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Tajikistan and other countries.


Gifore Technology uses Amazon Web Services to realize the transformation from traditional IT environment to cloud, embracing the trend of digital transformation.

Jiang Tao

Director of Information Department of Gifore Agricultural Science & Technology Service Co. Ltd.


Gifore Technology has always attached importance to the IT construction of the enterprise and firmly believes that sound IT system support is indispensable for business growth and development. In the past, Gifore Technology's local data center at its headquarter in Chengdu was equipped with more than 40 servers and storage devices to support its businesses across the country. However, due to the various limitations of local data centers, Gifore Technology's IT department is facing many challenges. Firstly, the high cost for infrastructure construction and O&M. "We have invested a lot of money in building our own data center, including hardware procurement and computer room management," said Jiang Tao, director of Information Department of Gifore Technology. "In order to better support the business, the company once invested heavily in the purchase of in all-in-one equipment. However, with the aging of the equipment, we have to face the problem of updating the computer room. If the self-built mode is still be used, we will not only undertake the expensive financial expenses and sharp increase in depreciation of fixed assets, but also face IT problems such as lack of flexibility and agility of physical servers, etc. Secondly, the stability of service is easily affected by poor operator network, power supply system failure and various other factors. In severe cases, interruption of IT services will have a great negative impact on business operation and user experience. "

On the other hand, the problems of network latency, reliability and capacity, etc. in Gifore Technology's local data center also make it unable to meet the new requirements for its business globalization. For Gifore Technology, which has been developing for more than 20 years, its core competitiveness can only be maintained through continuous revolution based on market demand. Therefore, under an industry-wide trend towards digital transformation, Gifore Technology's IT team decided to replace its local data center with a public cloud, and planned to migrate its Kingdee ERP system and OA office automation systems to the cloud. By introducing more cloud innovations technologies, Gifore hopes to provide a better service experience for internal and external users to realize agile IT operation of light assets.

Why Amazon Web Services?

In the process of selecting a cloud service provider, Gifore Technology invited a professional team of consultants to carefully evaluate the cloud service providers in the market from many aspects, such as technical background, security, service stability levels, etc., and Amazon Web Services was selected finally. The reason why the management and IT team of Gifore Technology especially favor Amazon Web Services is that they value the advantages of Amazon Web Services in the following aspects:

  • Extensive practical experience and local service
  • Amazon Web Services's technical team not only has extensive practical experience in the migration from traditional architecture to cloud platform, but also can provide proven technical architecture solutions for Gifore Technology as a reference. In addition, as an international cloud computing company that entered the Chinese market earlier, Amazon Web Services serves the Chinese market through Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region operated by NWCD and Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Region operated by SINNET. Therefore, Gifore Technology can choose the nearest Amazon Web Services Region for deployment of business applications as per the business distribution. With Amazon Web Services's consistent services at home and abroad, Gifore Technology has laid a solid foundation for its business to go overseas, simplifying IT deployment and reducing O&M difficulties. In terms of service support, Amazon Web Services has a well-established Amazon Partner Network (APN) in China, providing customers with various APN partners with rich practical experience, including Agile Cloud, an APN partner having been recognized by Gifore Technology for its technical capability certification in database, cloud migration and security compliance, and it has assisted Gifore Technology in completing POC testing and final migration implementation on cloud quickly and efficiently.

  • Cooperative relationship with Kingdee
  • Kingdee is an ERP solution provider for Gifore Technology as well as an APN technology partner for Amazon Web Services. Therefore, while selecting Amazon Web Services, Gifore Technology also received technical services and support from Amazon Web Services and Kingdee, which provided guarantee for the success of the ERP-based cloud project of Gifore Technology. "ERP is a critical business application for an enterprise, and both suppliers and underlying technical facilities must be carefully selected. In the process of cloud migration, Amazon Web Services, Kingdee and APN partner Agile Cloud work closely together, which not only provide us with professional services, but also impart us a lot of experience and thus we are impressed deeply. "said by the Director Jiang Tao.

  • Elastic Scalable Capacity to Meet Business Needs
  • The flexible, elastic computing services provided by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) enable Gifore Technology to replace its expensive on-premises data centers by selecting an appropriate computing instance. "The deployment of Amazon EC2 instances takes only a few minutes, which is faster than an all-in-one unit. "In the interview, Jiang Tao, director of Information Department of Gifore Technology, said: "We have done a number of comparisons and migration tests between Amazon Linux AMI and dedicated Solaris systems in an all-in-one unit, and ultimately achieved the desired results. In addition, Amazon Linux AMI is also a maintained Linux image officially provided by Amazon Web Services, which is used in Amazon EC2. We can not only obtain complete technical support officially from Amazon Web Services, but also provide an execution environment comparable to that of local hardware servers for business applications, and scalability beyond local physical servers. "


Relying on the infrastructure and enterprise-level SLA commitments from Amazon Web Services, Gifore Technology has realized stable operation of its business architecture after migrating to the cloud. This not only provides Gifore Technology a more flexible IT environment, but also improves the stability and sustainability of its business. "After migrating Kingdee ERP and OA systems from the on-premises data center to Amazon Web Services, we broke through the hardware and software limitations of all-in-one units. The Amazon Linux AMI running in the Amazon EC2 instance can realize the performance of the dedicated Solaris operating system in the original all-in-one unit, and we do not need to pay additional cost for software licensing. " Director Jiang Tao said, “We can leverage Amazon Web Services automation tools to scale IT resources in real time based on the needs of business growth to provide better protection for the business. " In addition, Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region operated by NWCD provides comprehensive coverage for major market areas of Gifore Technology. This not only enabled most branches and distributors of Gifore Technology to achieve lower latency when accessing business systems, but also significantly improved the experience of business users and greatly increased the efficiency of enterprise operation teams.

After replacing the on-premises data center with Amazon Web Services, Gifore Technology's data disaster discovery capability and reliability have been further improved. This enables Gifore to better accumulate and use historical data and reduce the cost pressure caused by archiving massive data. In data disaster recovery applications,Amazon Glacier enables Gifore Technology’s IT teams to securely store archived data in the cloud at a lower cost. "Compared with traditional on-premises storage, using Amazon S3 Glacier can give us the advantages of off-premises data disaster preparedness and multiple copies at a very low price. Now, we can regularly complete data backup and recovery drills to verify the reliability of archived data without affecting the normal production environment. "Jiang Tao said," We can also query and retrieve data in Amazon S3 Glacier so that historical business data can be used by the company continuously in the future. "

Moreover, Gifore Technology will rapidly embrace the trend of digital transformation and bring more innovative technologies and solutions to enterprise applications. Fully uncover the value behind big data and provide reliable insight for enterprise decision-making and agricultural development "Amazon Web Services provides huge computing power so that we can quickly build a big data analysis platform and use it on demand. This has completely solved the problem of lack of local big data processing capability in the past. "Jiang Tao, director of IT Department of Gifore Technology, said, "Historical data can provide us with sufficient business insight and reference, assist in business decision-making, help us understand the output of crops and predict the development trend of agriculture. We believe that Amazon Web Services will help us better serve agriculture, rural areas and farmers. "

Future overview

In the future, under the guidance of the "The Belt and Road" initiative, Gifore Technology will continue to develop its business in overseas markets including Southeast Asia and Europe. Based on its experience of successful application of Amazon Web Services cloud services in China, Gifore Technology will continue to maintain a good cooperative relationship with Amazon Web Services and APN Partners Agile Cloud to realize the rapid deployment of business applications overseas and provide faster services for local distributors and farmers.

More Information

For information on how Amazon Web Services can help traditional businesses digitize their on-premises data centers, please check the details page in Amazon Web Services-based Enterprise Cloud Computing.

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