Shulan Health Management Group ("Shulan Health" for short), founded by a team of academicians in 2014, is an internationalization new health care group run by the non-governmental sectors, integrating medical service, life science and technology, incubation investment, education and scientific research and charity. Up to May 2018, Shulan Health has nearly 10 medical institutions, including self-built, joint venture, and trusteeship institutions, wherein Shulan (Hangzhou) hospital, Shulan (Ningbo) gynecology and obstetrics hospital, and Shulan (Anji) hospital are self-built hospitals and Jinjiang hospital of Fujian province, Jinnan Branch of Jinjiang hospital, Shaoxing Keqiao hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Shaoxing Keqiao hospital for women and children, and Boao super hospital are trusteeship hospitals, providing health service and medical service of "Omni-direction, all patients, and whole process" with the purpose of "three highs (high-level experts, high-quality medical care, high-quality service), four-zation (internationalization, intelligentization, standardization, humanization), and three satisfactions (patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction, government satisfaction)".


Amazon Web Services is one of the world’s earlier Cloud Computing companies, and we highly recognize the technical capacity; at the same time, we trust Amazon Web Services’s protection and respect for users’ data.

Li Tanwei

CEO of Shulan Health Management Group, Hangzhou Huazhuo Information Technology Co. Ltd.


Shulan Health is a private medical group founded in 2014. However, it actively introduces high level international and domestic famous experts and medical resources to provide the health care service of life-cycle management of "three highs (high - level experts, high-quality medical care, high-quality service), four-zations (internationalization, intelligentization, standardization, humanization), and three satisfactions (patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction, government satisfaction)" and "Omni-direction, all patients, and whole process", actively exploring the research, innovation, and incubation in the field of big life science to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with health care as the core and establish a four-in-one ecosystem of "clinic, scientific research, teaching, and industry". Therefore, how to make use of advanced information technology to create a forward-looking, open, expansive, and continuously innovative information infrastructure has become a major challenge for Shulan Health.

The information construction of Shulan Health is implemented through the Group’s Hangzhou Huazhuo Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" Huazhuo Technology"). Huazhuo Technology recognizes that the medical industry Internet is the direction of industry development and various information technologies such as IT, Internet, AI, and medical semantics, etc. will have a profound impact on medical service.

For this purpose, Huazhuo Technology raised a new generation of medical hybrid cloud architecture, laying emphasis on safety, elasticity, and intelligence. In this framework, clinical business, hospital comprehensive management, and user medical experience are integrated to form the overall solution of a smart hospital. Through the AI engergization platform, digitization of medical information, simplification of the medical process, and humanization of service communication are realized to meet the need for intelligent management and decision-making in hospitals.

Hybrid cloud architecture created by Huazhuo Technology is based on the self-developed RubikStack cloud computing platform, including clinical business application, hospital operation, and management application, user medical experience application, hospital informatization data platform, and hybrid cloud computing platform, to provide a whole process and intelligent information service for patients, doctors, and hospitals. Among them, the public cloud part mainly includes Internet outpatient service and medical imaging cloud, etc. Through the public cloud, experts can also extract the medical imaging of patients off-site to diagnose; patients can obtain the medical data via mobile phone, and see a doctor in different affiliated hospitals of Shulan Health.

Why Amazon Web Services?

Among a number of cloud service providers at home and abroad, Shulan Health chose Amazon Web Services. "On the one hand, Amazon Web Services is one of the earlier cloud computing companies in the world and we highly recognize its technical capabilities; on the other hand, we trust Amazon Web Services's protection and respect for users’ data," said Li Tanwei, CEO of Huazhuo Technology. "

  • Security of the data safety
  • The health-care industry attaches great importance to data security and users’ privacy, so does Shulan Health. Data security and confidentiality of users’ data are also key considerations when choosing cloud service providers for Huazhuo Technology.

    The hybrid cloud architecture platform provided by Huazhuo Technology achieves the network isolation between the cloud and the hospital data center through Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) to build network channel, helping hospital business easily for data migration cloud. A doctor or patient must visit the hospital server through Amazon VPC. In addition, the virtual network environment created by Amazon VPC will be entirely in the hands of the hospital and can control users’ visits to hospital resources or applications by setting up IP addresses or configuring routing tables and network gateways. "Amazon VPC bridges Amazon Web Services cloud and the private cloud of the hospital to realize the confidentiality of data. " said Li Tanwei, CEO of Huazhuo Technology. Huazhuo Technology also uses Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) to manage user groups and set access authority of server resources to enhance the security of resources.

  • Perfect Amazon Web Services Cloud and services
  • Amazon Web Services has accumulated excellent technology through long-term practice and the continuous abundant service to lead to a steady and reliable Amazon Web Services cloud, which is also why Huazhuo Technology chose Amazon Web Services. As for artificial intelligence, for example, Li Tanwei said, "We have a great vision in this respect. We hope that hospital systems, including business systems, management systems, open platforms are intelligent through machine learning, such as image recognition, automatic diagnosis, warehouse replenishment prediction, etc. With the idea of a smarter hospital platform, we are trying to use AI services provided by Amazon Web Services to carry out machine learning and deep learning using P2 instances living examples optimized by Amazon Web Services GPU. "

Fig. 1 is a diagram of the Amazon Web Services-based hospital hybrid cloud architecture built by Shulan Health using Amazon Web Services cloud services including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon VPC, Amazon CloudFormation, Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), Amazon ElastiCache, etc.

Fig. 1 Amazon Web Services-based Hospital hybrid cloud architecture


With the help of the hybrid cloud solution built on Amazon Web Services, Shulan Health gained the following aspects of benefits:

First, it flattens the overall hospital solution, the data between the systems are no longer isolated, and it is easy for the reuse of hospital data.

Second, based on a hybrid cloud architecture model, Shulan Hospital became an Internet hospital platform. Doctors or patients can obtain hospital server data off-site via this platform. For example, being on business, experts can also connect to the hospital's internal system via mobile phone to obtain relevant data for diagnosis and treatment, while patients can view the results of the diagnosis and treatment or the inspection report on their mobile phone.

Third, the business development of the hospital has been accelerated. Based on Docker+K8s microservice architecture built by Amazon Web Services, it has the features of high flexibility, high scalability, and simple deployment, etc. Build a new system on this architecture and the development and deployment time are significantly shortened. Opened on March 31, 2018, Hainan Boao Super Hospital is hosted by Shulan Health Group. The construction period of Hainan Boao Super Hospital is short and the task is heavy, but it takes only one month to make the business system online, this is inseparable from the rapid deployment of hybrid cloud solution provided by Shulan Health, which is why Shulan Health won the Hainan Boao Super hospital in the competition.

Fourth, the cost is reduced. Amazon Web Services's flexible pricing system and automated operations increased the development efficiency and reduced O&M costs.

In the future, as Shulan Health and Huazhuo Technology gradually realize their great ideas, Amazon Web Services will be able to play a more and more important role.

More information

To learn about how healthcare providers use Amazon Web Services, please check the detailed information page of our Healthcare.

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