Acceptable Use Policy for Amazon Web Services (Beijing Region)

Last Updated: December 28, 2021

This Acceptable Use Policy for Amazon Web Services (Beijing Region) (“ Policy”) governs your use of the services (“ Services”) offered by Beijing Sinnet Technology Co., Ltd. (“ we”, “ us” or “ our”) and website(s) including (“ Amazon Web Services China Site”). We may modify this Policy by posting a revised version on the Amazon Web Services China Site. By using the Services or accessing the Amazon Web Services China Site, you agree to the latest version of this Policy.
You may not use, or facilitate or allow others to use, the Services or the Amazon Web Services China Site:

•    for any illegal or fraudulent activity;
•    to violate the rights of others;
•    to threaten, incite, promote, or actively encourage violence, terrorism, or other serious harm;
•    for any content or activity that promotes child sexual exploitation or abuse;
•    to violate the security, integrity, or availability of any user, network, computer or communications system, software application, or network or computing device;
•    to distribute, publish, send, or facilitate the sending of unsolicited mass email or other messages, promotions, advertising, or solicitations (or “spam”).

Content or activity prohibited by PRC laws and regulations is also prohibited under this Policy, including anything that:

•    opposes the basic principles established by the Constitution;
•    endangers national security, divulges state secrets or purports to subvert the national regime or undermine the unity of the nation;
•    jeopardizes the honor and interests of the nation;
•    incites ethnic hatred or discrimination, or undermines ethnic unity;
•    undermines national religious policy or advocates heresies or superstition;
•    disseminates rumors, disrupts the social order or undermines social stability;
•    disseminates obscenity, eroticism, gambling, violence, homicide or terrorism, or instigates others to commit crimes;
•    insults or slanders other persons or infringes upon other persons’ reputation, privacy or lawful rights and interests;
•    contains any other content prohibited by laws, administrative regulations, departmental regulations, administrative orders or policies promulgated from time to time;
•    constitutes or facilitates any prohibited crypto currency mining or exchange related business.

Classified Cybersecurity Protection or Multi-Level Protection Scheme (“MLPS”)

The Amazon Cloud Services System operated by us is certified and graded at MLPS Level 3 and it can host customers’ applications and systems that are graded at MLPS Level 3 and below. It is your responsibility to file an appropriate MLPS application with the relevant public security authority for any applicable information system that you operate and use in accordance with the Cybersecurity Law, the Administrative Measures for the Graded Protection of Information Security and any other applicable laws and regulations.

Investigation and Enforcement

We may investigate any suspected violation of this Policy, and remove or disable access to any content or resource that violates this Policy. You agree to cooperate with us to remedy any violation.

When determining whether there has been a violation of this Policy, we may consider your ability and willingness to comply with this Policy, including the policies and processes you have in place to prevent or identify and remove any prohibited content or activity.

Reporting of Violations

To report any violation of this Policy, please follow our abuse reporting process.