Posted On: Oct 26, 2023

Amazon DataSync introduces task reports, a new feature that provides detailed reports of data transfer operations for each task execution. Using task reports, you can track and audit your data transfers, monitor the chain of custody of your files, and troubleshoot transfer errors.

Amazon DataSync is an online data movement and discovery service. DataSync automates and accelerates transferring data between Amazon Storage services, on-premises storage, edge locations, or other clouds. When a task executes, DataSync performs various operations before, during, and after the transfer at your source and destination locations. With task reports, you receive JSON-formatted output files for each of these operations, giving you detailed reports for all files and folders skipped, transferred, verified, and deleted, including any failures. DataSync stores your task reports in the Amazon S3 bucket you specify, making access easy. Task reports include file attributes such as size, path, timestamps, file checksums, and S3 object version IDs where applicable. You can use Amazon Web Services services such as Amazon Glue and Amazon Athena to automatically process and analyze the data in these reports, to gain better insights and a holistic view across all of your task executions.

For more information, view the documentation.