Posted On: Jun 10, 2021

Amazon Web Services Marketplace has announced that customers can now subscribe to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products directly through Amazon Web Services Marketplace. All SaaS products in Amazon Web Services Marketplace will be sold by Ningxia Western Cloud Data Technology Co., Ltd. (NWCD), which is the service operator and provider for Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region, and also operates Amazon Web Services Marketplace. NWCD will appear as the seller-of-record (SOR) on customer’s bill for any Amazon Web Services Marketplace SaaS product purchases and issue the fapiaos to customers directly.

With this release, customers can easily find their interested SaaS products by choosing “SaaS” in delivery method, combined with other search filters such as categories, pricing models, and vendors, or by search bar through Chinese or English key words. The Amazon Web Services Marketplace website provides a user-friendly layout for SaaS product information, as well as customer reviews and additional resources such as blogs and user guide. After authenticating with the website using Amazon Web Services China account credentials, customers can subscribe to a SaaS product with just a few clicks, and review and manage their SaaS subscriptions through Amazon Web Services Marketplace Subscriptions Console. With select SaaS subscriptions, customers are able to pay only for what they use to avoid large upfront commitment and gain more flexibility with their preferred SaaS products. SaaS vendors also can see additional sales driven through NWCD.

Visit here to browse all of the different SaaS products for available in Amazon Web Services Marketplace, or learn more from the Amazon Web Services Marketplace FAQ page. If you’re interested in listing a product in Amazon Web Services Marketplace, please contact us via online application form or service hotline 10100966-8.