Posted On: Mar 11, 2020

You can use Amazon DynamoDB backup and restore to create on-demand and continuous backups of your DynamoDB tables and then restore from those backups. Starting today, you also can restore table backups as new tables in the other Amazon Web Services China Region.  

This new feature can help you to meet your cross-region compliance and regulatory requirements between Amazon Web Services China Regions, and to develop a disaster recovery and business continuity plan. You can restore tables from a few megabytes to hundreds of terabytes of data, with no impact on the performance or availability of your production applications. 

You can restore your DynamoDB table data across Amazon Web Services China Regions with a single click in the Amazon Web Services Management Console or a simple API call, or in the Amazon Command Line Interface. You pay only for the data you transfer out of the source Region and for restoring backups as new tables in destination Regions. 

This feature is now available in Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Region, Operated by Sinnet, and the Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region, Operated by NWCD. To learn more about regional availability and pricing for this feature, see Amazon DynamoDB Pricing. For more information about DynamoDB backup and restore, see Backup and Restore.