Posted On: Jul 2, 2020

Amazon Web Services Marketplace China now supports AMI-based delivery of third-party software using Amazon CloudFormation to streamline software deployment on Amazon Web Services. Customers can find and subscribe to AMI applications that run across a cluster of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and/or require additional Amazon Web Services resources such as Auto Scaling groups, Elastic Load Balancers (ELB), or Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS), and easily deploy the third-party software using vendor-defined, pre-vetted Amazon CloudFormation templates with just a few clicks. 

With this release, customers can gain a seamless and simplified deployment experience using Amazon CloudFormation templates. On the Amazon Web Services Marketplace website, customers can search for CloudFormation-backed AMI products by choosing “CloudFormation Stack” in the Delivery Method drop-down, and further refine results with other search filters such as vendors and categories. On the Product Detail Page, customers will see a list of the Amazon Web Services resources required to run the AMI product, along with an estimate of the monthly infrastructure costs. After subscribing to the product and choosing a vendor-defined CloudFormation template, customers will be redirected to Amazon CloudFormation console and can quickly deploy single or multiple instances of the AMI, along with other Amazon Web Services resources. All CloudFormation templates in Amazon Web Services Marketplace China are pre-vetted and scanned for security and availability issues. 

To get started with Amazon Web Services Marketplace China, operated by NWCD, please visit:, or learn more from the Amazon Web Services Marketplace China FAQ page. If you’re interested in listing a product in Amazon Web Services Marketplace China, please contact us via online application form or service hotline 10100966-8.