Posted On: Feb 20, 2020

Amazon CloudFront customers in China can now get detailed information about their CloudFront usage and activity by using CloudFront Reports in the Amazon Web Services Management Console. Customers in China can use the CloudFront Cache Statistics Report to see total requests, the percentage of viewer requests by result type, bytes transferred, HTTP status codes, and the percentage of GET requests that did not finish downloading. The CloudFront Popular Objects Report shows the 50 most popular objects and statistics about those objects. The CloudFront Top Referrers Report shows the top 25 referrers and the number of requests from each referrer. The CloudFront Usage Report shows the number of requests and data transferred by protocol or destination. The CloudFront Viewers Report shows the breakdown of viewers by devices, browsers, operating systems, and locations. These reports are available to all CloudFront custmers at no additional cost. 

To get started with CloudFront in China, go to Amazon CloudFront. For documentation, see CloudFront Reports in the Console in the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide.