Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose pricing

With Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, you pay for the volume of data you ingest into the service. There are no set up fees or upfront commitments. There are four types of on demand usage with Kinesis Data Firehose: ingestion, format conversion, VPC delivery, and Dynamic Partitioning. Additional data transfer charges can apply.

Direct PUT and KDS as a source Ingestion

The base function of a Kinesis Data KDF delivery stream is ingestion and delivery. Ingestion pricing is tiered and billed per GB ingested in 5KB increments (a 3KB record is billed as 5KB, a 12KB record is billed as 15KB, etc.). There are no additional Kinesis Data KDF charges for delivery unless optional features are used.

Vended Logs as a source Ingestion

For records originating from Vended Logs, the Ingestion pricing is tiered and billed per GB ingested with no 5K increments.

Format Conversion (optional)

You can enable JSON to Apache Parquet or ORC format conversion at a per-GB rate based on GBs ingested in 5KB increments.

VPC delivery (optional)

For delivery streams with a destination that resides in an Amazon VPC, you will be billed for every hour that your delivery stream is active in each AZ. Each partial hour is billed as a full hour. Data processing charges apply per GB ingested.

Dynamic Partitioning for Amazon S3 delivery (optional)

You can enable Dynamic Partitioning to continuously group data by keys in your records (such as “customer_id”), and have data delivered to S3 prefixes mapped to each key. With Dynamic Partitioning, you pay per GB delivered to S3, per object, and optionally per JQ processing hour for data parsing.

Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Pricing Details

China (Beijing) Region

China (Ningxia) Region

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