Address: Licang District, Qiongdao City

“Qingdao – Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center” is the first Joint Innovation Center licensed by Amazon Headquarters. As the leading project of innovation and entrepreneurship in Qingdao, it benefits from preferential industry policies and resources support from government. The Joint Innovation Center will focus on four major sectors: recruiting and incubating global startups, accelerating the application of Amazon AWS services in local traditional companies and public service field, nurturing cloud computing talents, and international collaboration.

The incubator will provide Amazon AWS cloud services, technical training and counseling, business guidance and investment and finance support based on government resources to promote the rapid incubation of startups. It helps incubate and cultivate domestic startups in foreign well-known incubators, and meanwhile introduces excellent foreign startups to the Joint Innovation Center for incubation and cultivation.

Qingdao – Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center is located in the garden-style city center of Licang District. This district benefits from convenient transportation and favorable environment. The total area of the incubator is over 30,000 square meters, and the construction area is 8,400 square meters, comprising many independent offices and open office space that are fully decorated. At the same time, the Joint Innovation Center has the Activate Institute and the AWS Cloud services Innovation Hands-on Labs where entrepreneurs can carry out a series of cloud computing service practice remaining indoors. Entrepreneurs can obtain relevant AWS Technical Certificates through systematic AWS training.

In addition to the free office space, the settled companies will be provided with AWS Cloud services resources that is valued up to a maximum of RMB150,000 (valid for two years) and AWS commercial technical support with a total value of RMB60,000 (valid for two years) during incubation period.

Qingdao – Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center is located in the international city – Qingdao. As the world’s first global Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center, internationalization is the aim of the Joint Innovation Center incubator. Excellent settled companies will have the opportunity for international exchange that will assist outstanding start-ups to be incubated and cultivated in foreign countries for a period of 1 to 3 months. At the same time, based on the “Internet +” development plan in Qingdao and the “4 + N” development plan in Lichang District, intelligent manufacturing, IoT, cross-border e-commerce, new finance, new energy, and new materials will be incubated as hot industries in Joint Innovation Center.

  • Up to RMB150,000 Amazon AWS free cloud resources, commercial and technical support.
  • Regular Amazon AWS technical training.
  • Professional mentor services provided by investors, industry partners and successful entrepreneurs.
  • Opportunities to show to angel investors and venture capitalists.
  • Priority to receive investments from RMB 1 billion Cloud Service Venture Capital Fund.
  • Personal income tax relief for excellent executives.