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Deploy Docker containers onto Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) to build a fully automated continuous deployment pipeline on top of Amazon Web Services. This approach to continuous deployment is entirely serverless and uses the managed services, Amazon CodePipeline, Amazon CodeBuild, and Amazon CloudFormation, for the orchestration, build, and deployment of your software.

What you'll accomplish:

Set up a continuous deployment process that monitors a GitHub repository for new commits, using Amazon CodePipeline

Create a new Docker container image and push it into Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR), using Amazon CodeBuild.

Deploy the new container image to production on Amazon ECS, using an Amazon CloudFormation template.

What you'll need before starting:

An Amazon Web Services Account: You will need an Amazon Web Services account to begin provisioning resources for your continuous deployment pipeline. Sign up for Amazon Web Services .

IT Skill level: Prior experience with Docker containers, git, and GitHub is strongly recommended.

Amazon Web Services Experience: Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Amazon Web Services and its services is recommended.

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