Welcome to the .NET on Amazon Web Services Blog

by Jeff Yoder | on

Welcome to the .NET on Amazon Web Services blog! At Amazon Web Services we enjoy creating content for our developer audience located across the world which consists of millions of .NET developers. To respond to your needs the .NET Developer Advocacy team publishes a steady stream of content with .NET as its main focus. A developer advocate is a trusted expert with a history of building and evangelizing .NET. They combine this experience with communication and community building skills to drive awareness and education of Amazon Web Services solutions among the .NET community.

The main areas of responsibility for our team include the following:

  • Sample applications
  • Technical developer content, including tutorials, training courses, and deep dives
  • Support the community and present at conferences and user groups
  • Seek customer feedback so we can improve our products and the developer experience

Shortly after the team was created, we launched the . NET on Amazon Web Services developer center. This was the start of our mission to drive awareness among developers. After the developer center launch, we expanded our content offering to include the getting started experience and created content focused on How-To walkthroughs, Badges & Training certification courses, and even a dedicated area to showcase our .NET Community Builders. However, we soon realized we wanted to provide content to .NET developers on a regular schedule. To accomplish this, we launched this blog dedicated specifically to the .NET developer using or moving to Amazon Web Services.

Software engineers, product managers, solution architects, and developer advocates will author blog posts. Types of posts will include release announcements, technical content, tutorials, best practices, and walkthroughs. Our posts will cover built for the cloud development, modernizing .NET Framework applications, and how-to deploy .NET workloads on different Amazon Web Services services. Whether you’re a seasoned developer looking to update your legacy systems or a brand-new .NET developer you will find blog posts relevant to you.

We will use this channel to share news on the work we’ve done with the .NET open-source community, post follow-ups from important events, and post announcements about upcoming presentations from our developer advocates.

We hope you’ll find this blog helpful, bookmark it, and come back often. We encourage you to review our .NET on Amazon Web Services website and follow us on Twitter at @dotnetonAmazon Web Services . Also, don’t forget to look for our developer advocates at conferences in your city and catch our Amazon Web Services on Air and the .NET on Amazon Web Services Twitch live streams.