Systems Operations on Amazon Web Services renamed to Cloud Operations on Amazon Web Services

by Nabeel Sattar | on

As of Feb 21, 2023, the Systems Operations on Amazon Web Services classroom course has been renamed to Cloud Operations on Amazon Web Services. If you signed up for the course prior to the name change, the links to join the class will automatically route accordingly. No action is required.

The IT landscape has evolved over the years where cloud professionals are more closely connected to the cloud terminology. The word “systems” has a strong association with on-premises infrastructure and data center environments and therefore does not always reflect a modern way of running day-to-day operations on cloud. Changing the name to “cloud operations” is a natural evolution and a more accurate representation of managing operations on the cloud.

About Cloud Operations on Amazon Web Services

Cloud Operations on Amazon Web Services is a three-day, instructor-led classroom course. In this course, students will learn how to automate administrative tasks, ensure compliance of resources, improve the security and resilience of cloud environment, and maintain continuity of the business applications. As a solution, it covers monitoring and observability, centralized operations management, configuration compliance auditing, and cloud governance.

This course focuses on the operational excellence pillar, and is ideal for cloud administrators, cloud operators and specialists, and anyone performing day-to-day operations on Amazon Web Services Cloud environment. Students will engage with Amazon Web Services instructor(s) who will have the expertise and deep technical knowledge to help the students learn through a mix of presentations, peer discussions, and interactive activities. Students will apply what they’ve learned with a progressive series of hands-on-labs, including a capstone lab. Each module concludes with a troubleshooting section to reinforce the concepts learned throughout the course. Find a class today .

Looking to get Amazon Web Services Certified?

Students can validate their new skills with an industry-recognized credential. The Cloud Operations on Amazon Web Services course helps you prepare for the Amazon Web Services Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate certification exam. Find a class today . Private training is also available .