New introductory course on how to build, deploy, and manage robots with Amazon Web Services

by Sophie Pagalday and Erica Goldberger | on

From autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and robotic arms to drones and uncrewed surface vessels (USVs), Amazon Web Services provides a variety of cloud and edge services that customers use to build next generation robots.

Next generation robots are connected – either periodically in denied, disrupted, intermittent, or limited (DDIL) network environments or consistently under reliable network conditions. Robots connected to Amazon Web Services edge and cloud services can capture, store, and aggregate virtually limitless amounts of data. This data is used to build new functionality, train machine learning models , optimize automation, and drive efficiency. Connected robots can update themselves to ensure reliability and reduce downtime during maintenance. Operators and technicians can remotely connect and interact with geographically dispersed robot fleets. Finally, robots are often built and tested using simulation tools with powerful GPU-based cloud compute.

Whether it’s cleaning your home, mowing your lawn, delivering your pizza, packing and shipping your eCommerce order, automating a manufacturing process, or even exploring extra-terrestrial worlds, robots built with Amazon Web Services can solve real-world problems across many industries.

To help customers learn how to build robots with Amazon Web Services, we now offer a new Amazon Web Services Skill Builder course through Amazon Web Services Training and Certification called Introduction to Robotics on Amazon Web Services . This self-paced digital course summarizes key patterns used by robotics companies around the world. The course includes:

  • The evolution of the robotics industry: Find out how industry trends have led to the cloud being a driving force in next generation robotics.
  • Common robotics challenges: Learn about the challenges robotics customers face.
  • Advantages of using Amazon Web Services for robot development: Discover how you can innovate faster, save money, increase your scale, and stay flexible by using Amazon Web Services.
  • Common patterns for robotics on Amazon Web Services: Gain access to common architectures and workloads that our customers are using to solve common challenges when working in robotics.

This introductory-level digital course is recommended for those who already have a basic understanding of robotics concepts such as sensors, actuators, and micro-controllers.

The course is 100% digital and offered on a complimentary basis. It provides a thirty minute overview and features three modules as well as knowledge check questions. Learners can take this on-demand, interactive course at their own pace.

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