Jon Landau, Academy Award-winning producer, and David Conley of Wētā FX join Amazon Web Services at re:Invent

by Paulien Ruijssenaars | on

This week at Amazon Web Services re:Invent in Las Vegas, Academy Award-winning producer Jon Landau and the Executive VFX producer at Wētā FX, David Conley, joined Amazon Web Services (Amazon Web Services) to discuss “Emerging Tech Trends in the Entertainment Industry”. Panelists from Amazon Web Services included Gretchen Libby, Director of Visual Compute, Nina Walsh, Media & Entertainment Business Development Leader, and Marc Aldrich, General Manager of Media & Entertainment.

The panel explored how the scalability, flexibility and security offered by Amazon Web Services help filmmakers render and produce their projects in the cloud, while connecting artists virtually all around the globe.

“The difference when we went to the cloud was truly palpable and we would not have finished [Avatar: The Way of Water] without the support of Amazon Web Services.” — Jon Landau

“In 14 months, we saw our first frame and then in eight months we had 3.3 billion thread hours in the cloud.” — David Conley