Introducing Amazon Web Services Industry Quest: Healthcare to help healthcare organizations upskill staff in cloud

by Curtis Morton | on

As cloud technologies continue to help organizations transform their businesses at a rapid pace, 64% of decision makers say cloud skill gaps exist across their teams. The cloud skills gap is impeding organizations’ ability to deliver on their digital transformation investments and objectives because there are not enough cloud-skilled talent to meet current needs.

The same is true in the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations are realizing the benefits that cloud provides to their organizations to help revolutionize workflows and improve patient outcomes – and accelerating their digital transformation plans. But they too are facing a lack of professionals with cloud skills, and the ability to hire fast enough, to deliver on their cloud goals. The COVID-19 pandemic only increased the stress on healthcare workers, amplifying an already significant preexisting workforce shortage. Until now, cloud training programs have provided a broad focus on services that do not address the unique requirements of healthcare professionals.

We’re pleased to announce that today we’ve launched a new cloud skills training offering specifically for the healthcare industry, Amazon Web Services Industry Quest: Healthcare . Amazon Web Services Industry Quest: Healthcare is designed specifically for healthcare professionals. It provides learners with an interactive, engaging learning experience covering a comprehensive set of 25 solutions to build real-world Amazon Web Services Cloud skills for the healthcare industry. Amazon Web Services Industry Quest: Healthcare joins our collection of industry-specific game-based training with Amazon Web Services Industry Quest: Financial Services .

Built by the experts at Amazon Web Services Training and Certification, Amazon Web Services Industry Quest: Healthcare is a unique, game-based learning experience set in a virtual hospital giving learners the opportunity to build skills by solving challenges. Assignments include how to monitor, alert, and remediate non-compliant HIPAA findings, deriving artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML)-driven insights from healthcare data, achieving healthcare interoperability, simplifying and automating prior authorization forms, and more. Learners can choose from solution building assignments developed with input from Amazon Web Services customers, and then learn, practice, build, and verify their understanding of the solution in a live Amazon Web Services Console environment. As learners complete solutions, they earn points towards their virtual organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and can unlock new furniture and equipment for their virtual in-game hospital. Upon completion of all 25 assignments, learners earn a digital badge that they can share with their professional network.

“With Amazon Web Services Industry Quest: Healthcare, we can accelerate the development of advanced cloud skills. This not only drives innovation, but also creates career opportunities and fosters professional development using real healthcare challenges. I am excited about the power of training to transform the ecosystem, democratize access to care, and provide a better experience for patients and healthcare professionals. It was very important for us to contribute to the product testing,” said Diego Aristides, chief technology officer, HSL.

Amazon Web Services Industry Quest: Healthcare is part of a full suite of experiential learning offerings within Amazon Web Services Skill Builder, our online learning center. Customers can access Amazon Web Services Industry Quest: Healthcare in the Individual or Team subscription, and have access to 600+ self-paced digital courses, 150+ Amazon Web Services Builder Labs, Amazon Web Services Cloud Quest, Amazon Web Services Certification preparation resources, and much more. Get started with Amazon Web Services Industry Quest: Healthcare today .