Gain practical experience building with Amazon CodeWhisperer through Amazon Web Services Jam

by Tim Trsar and Tegdeep Kondal | on

The shortage of cloud developers worldwide continues to impact those in the profession: they are tasked with solving more business problems with less time. Outside of writing code, builders are trying to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of programming languages, tools, frameworks, SDKs, APIs, and more. There is always a need to do things faster and better, and if we can have something that can help automate things like writing mundane code… why not?

If you are an Amazon Web Services builder, you’ve likely heard about Amazon CodeWhisperer , an artificial intelligence (AI) coding companion that is trained on billions of lines of code and can generate code suggestions so you can build applications faster and more securely. Amazon’s 25 years of focus and advances in machine learning have helped us create generative AI tools like Amazon CodeWhisperer. Couple that with our 10 years of focus in Amazon Web Services Training and Certification developing extensive and hands-on cloud training, and we’ve been able to create new ways to sharpen your skills to meet the industry demand with learning experiences like Amazon Web Services Jam .

Amazon Web Services Jam is a practical gamified learning experience that challenges individuals or teams to build and apply their Amazon Web Services Cloud skills to solve real-world, open-ended problems using Amazon Web Services services in a sandbox Amazon Web Services environment. We’re excited to bring these two things together, giving builders a new way to learn how to use Amazon CodeWhisperer and increase their productivity. During the Amazon CodeWhisperer preview, Amazon ran a productivity challenge and participants who used Amazon CodeWhisperer were 27% more likely to complete tasks successfully and did so an average of 57% faster than those who did not use CodeWhisperer*.

For developers and technical learners

Learn to use Amazon CodeWhisperer to speed up time-consuming coding tasks by solving a series of time-bound challenges. Build Using Amazon CodeWhisperer Amazon Web Services Jam Journey consists of seven Jam challenges that range in difficulty from easy to hard. The Amazon Web Services Jam Journey will help you build practical Amazon CodeWhisperer skills through an engaging hands-on experience. The environment is gamified, featuring challenges, tasks, points, and clues that are typical of a gaming experience through self-paced lab activities. The gamified environment allows you to learn Amazon CodeWhisperer by using it, providing a visceral learning experience.

A screenshot of the first challenge of the Building Using Amazon CodeWhisperer AWS Jam Journey

In the first challenge of the Building Using Amazon CodeWhisperer Amazon Web Services Jam Journey, individuals learn what Amazon CodeWhisperer is and how it works.

For teams

One of the best ways for an organization to leverage generative AI technology is to ensure in-house developers are enabled to proficiently use services like Amazon CodeWhisperer. With effective hands-on training, organizations can reap the full benefits of Amazon CodeWhisperer, including improving team’s productivity and accelerating product time to market.

Wipro, a multinational corporate offering IT consulting and business services, understood the importance of upskilling their entire team’s generative AI capabilities. They had been working with Amazon Web Services Skills Guild since last year to build an internal cloud enablement program called StepUp.

Under StepUp, Wipro organized various learning opportunities to build foundational cloud knowledge across their organization and adopted Amazon Web Services Skill Builder Team subscription to allow employees increased flexibility to broaden their cloud expertise. When we released the Build Using Amazon CodeWhisperer Jam Journey on Skill Builder, Wipro not only encouraged their developers to learn skills on their own, they also organized an Amazon Web Services Jam event to bring developers together to foster shared learning, creativity, and a bit of friendly competition across their team. Through the Amazon Web Services Jam event, developers solved real-world, open-ended problems using Amazon CodeWhisperer in an Amazon Web Services Management Console or Amazon Web Services CLI sandbox environment.

“We are so honored to have partnered with Amazon Web Services on this first of many Amazon Web Services Jam events! During the event, the Wipro-Amazon Web Services Developer community were given a unique opportunity to experience first-hand the power of Amazon CodeWhisperer: its easy-to-use and intuitive interface and its unparalleled ability to improve the speed, productivity, and security of their coding efforts. In addition, our developer community was delighted to see how Amazon CodeWhisperer opened the door to all of the major coding languages. Wipro looks forward to continuing to develop this fantastic solution with Amazon Web Services and help developers throughout the industry take advantage of its functionality,” said Ramesh Pai, Wipro Guild Sponsor and Vice President & Global Head, Amazon Web Services Business Unit, Wipro FullStride Cloud.

Ongoing learning

If you’re already using Amazon CodeWhisperer or have already taken the Building Using Amazon CodeWhisperer Amazon Web Services Jam Journey, you can reinforce your Amazon CodeWhisperer skills on an ongoing basis. Simply use any of the 500+ Amazon Web Services Jam challenges and click the “Solve challenge using: Amazon CodeWhisperer” button. This functionally is in addition to the option of solving challenges via the Amazon Web Services Console.

a screenshot of the options you have to solve the AWS Jam challenges

In Amazon Web Services Jam, you can choose how you’d like to solve the Jam challenges with the click of a button.

Amazon Web Services Jam is part of a full suite of experiential learning offerings within Amazon Web Services Skill Builder, our online learning center. Customers can access Amazon Web Services Jam in the Individual or Team subscription, and have access to 600+ self-paced digital courses, 150+ Amazon Web Services Builder Labs, Amazon Web Services Cloud Quest, Amazon Web Services Industry Quest, Amazon Web Services Certification exam preparation resources, and much more. Get started with Amazon Web Services Jam on Amazon Web Services Skill Builder today .

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