Accelerate Your Camera to Screen Cloud Journey with Amazon Web Services Media & Entertainment Competency Partners

by Nadia Bollinger, Chris Butler, Shad Hashmi, and Jonathan Solomon | on

By Nadia Bollinger, Manager, Partner Solutions Architect – Amazon Web Services
By Chris Butler, Sr. Launch Product Manager, Amazon Web Services Competency – Amazon Web Services
By Shad Hashmi, APJ Media & Entertainment Partner Lead – Amazon Web Services
By Jonathan Solomon, Principal Partner Solutions Architect, M&E – Amazon Web Services 

The media & entertainment (M&E) industry is experiencing a significant disruption in its operational and monetization models. With consumers cutting the cord and moving towards direct-to-consumer models, it’s more important than ever to create personalized, compelling content that will keep audiences engaged and coming back for more. Adapting to these changes—while keeping cost optimization and efficiency top of mind—requires M&E companies to stay agile, flexible, and scalable. That’s where a cloud transition comes in.

However, adopting a cloud-first mindset and changing established business models can be daunting. To support this journey, we’re excited to announce the Amazon Web Services Media & Entertainment Competency , which helps Amazon Web Services customers accelerate their camera to screen journey to the cloud through the expertise of Amazon Web Services Partners.

Launched at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show on April 15, the M&E Competency highlights specialized Amazon Web Services Partners with an established track-record of customer excellence, vetted use-cases, and validated cloud solutions.

We’re also thrilled to introduce the Amazon Web Services Partners who collaborated with Amazon Web Services (Amazon Web Services) to develop this new competency. From script to screen, Amazon Web Services M&E Competency Partners have expertise with customers of all sizes—helping accelerate innovation and growth in areas like: broadcast, content production, direct to consumer, media supply chain and archive, and data science & analytics for media.

Launch Partner Showcase

The Amazon Web Services Competency Program is designed to highlight Amazon Web Services Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas.

We invite you to explore the Media & Entertainment launch partner offerings recommended by Amazon Web Services:


Arc XP
Arc XP’s integrated ecosystem of tools helps create and distribute content, monetize websites and drive ecommerce, and deliver multichannel experiences. Built on a modular architecture, Arc XP’s agile CMS can be integrated into an existing technology stack or used with the fully hosted and managed Arc XP Experience Platform as a full enterprise suite to manage content and digital experiences.

A scalable, affordable SaaS solution for live video production and content distribution. Grabyo is a cloud-native video production and distribution platform. A modern, lightweight and powerful SaaS solution with all the tools needed for live broadcasting and events. The service can scale from single operator digital streams to multi-camera productions with a larger remote team, combined with integrated live clipping, editing and publishing tools.

Prime Focus Technologies
Prime Focus Technologies has created the CLEAR Media ERP Suite that automates the content supply chain and builds a connected enterprise. CLEAR is a multi-cloud-enabled Media ERP Suite that automates the content supply chain and builds a connected enterprise.

Quantiphi’s AI capabilities across the media value chain enable M&E customers to automate post-production workflows, deliver content personalization, generate audience insights and monetize content. Quantiphi’s media intelligence offerings help in content discovery & searchability, managing content archives on Amazon Web Services cloud, content localization and distribution readiness, and content moderation

Slalom is a global business and technology consulting company. We deeply understand our customers—and their customers —to deliver end-to-end solutions on Amazon Web Services that drive meaningful impact. Slalom’s M&E specialization includes advertising/marketing technology, media supply chain, content production, data & analytics and more. Slalom helps M&E companies accelerate and streamline production and distribution of engaging content for their audiences.

Synamedia Iris is an advanced advertising platform built to manage, deliver, and measure household-level addressable advertising across broadcast, OTT, IP, and hybrid platforms. Synamedia Iris expands Service Operators’ reach, increases inventory efficiency, and leverages data to target valuable audience segments with relevant ad experiences – improving engagement, recall, and response.

TEKsystems Global Services
TEKsystems Data Analytics & Insights helps customers transform data into insights through their methodology, templates, tools, accelerators, and certified Amazon Web Services resources.

A world leader in AI-based content discovery and viewer analytics, ThinkAnalytics enables media & entertainment providers to deliver personalized experiences. Think360’s proven results show a significant uplift in viewer engagement, reduced churn and lower operational costs. Plus, ThinkAdvertising enables the targeting of audience segments previously only available in digital, while helping to identify inventory value and minimize ad waste.

TrackIt provides innovative Media & Entertainment cloud workflow solutions, covering the full media pipeline from ingest to delivery. We specialize in architecting and deploying VOD and OTT live streaming platforms, and advanced AI/ML applications for content analysis and metadata creation. We also build virtual desktops for editing, VFX, and rendering workflows, along with media storage solutions for collaborating across global media environments.

Customers: Learn About Amazon Web Services Competency Partners

Amazon Web Services Media & Entertainment Competency Partners make it easier for customers to reach their consumers through the cloud to access the content they want, when they want it.

Explore our Amazon Web Services Media & Entertainment Competency Partners for more information.

Partners: Become an Amazon Web Services Competency Partner

Amazon Web Services Partners with media and entertainment software and service offerings can learn more about becoming an Amazon Web Services Competency Partner .

In addition to Amazon Web Services Competency benefits , M&E Competency Partners receive incremental benefits, including strategy development sessions with Business Development and Strategic Industries (BDSI) teams.

Amazon Web Services Partners looking to get their M&E offering validated through the Amazon Web Services Competency Program must be at the
validated or differentiated stage of the Software or Services Path prior to applying.

To apply, please review the Program Guide and application in Amazon Web Services Partner Central (log in required).