4 Reasons Why Amazon Web Services Training is the Fastest Way to Build Cloud Skills

by Megan Diaz | on

By Megan Diaz, Partner Marketing Manager – Amazon Web Services


As our world becomes increasingly tech-reliant, it’s never been a better time to learn in-demand digital skills. Companies are choosing to migrate to the cloud at an exponential rate amidst the current tech talent scarcity, putting Amazon Web Services Partners with the right knowledge and qualifications at a professional advantage.

In fact, research from Gallup and Amazon Web Services (Amazon Web Services) shows that, across 19 surveyed countries, the average worker with advanced digital skills in high-income countries earns 50% more than similar workers who don’t use digital skills.

In middle-income countries, the income premium jumps to a staggering 72%. Plus, organizations that employ advanced digital workers also profit, reporting 168% higher revenue than companies that don’t—so it makes good business sense for Amazon Web Services Partners to ensure their teams are educated.

Yet, despite the career benefits digital skills can unlock, committing to a training course can be a daunting prospect for some. Fortunately, learning about the cloud doesn’t take as long as you might think when you have the right resources at your fingertips.

In this post, I will share four ways Amazon Web Services Partner Training and Certification provides Amazon Web Services Partners with the fastest route to learning about the cloud.

We offer the only cloud training designed by Amazon Web Services experts, enabling learners at all levels to innovate with confidence. Therefore, our cutting-edge resources are designed to pave the simplest and speediest route to learning about the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform.

Read on to learn more about the broad range of Amazon Web Services training resources and discover how you can begin earning Accreditations from day one.

1. Learn From Anywhere, Anytime

Eliminate the stress of fitting mandatory classroom-based courses into your busy schedule and learn valuable digital skills your way. Our exclusive Amazon Web Services Training courses empower you to learn using the method that suits you best.

With a mixture of digital and instructor-led courses available, there’s something for everyone:

  • Instructor-led training: Take a deep dive into course content with a training session led by an Amazon Web Services expert. Whether you join virtually or visit the classroom, you’ll have an equally useful opportunity to gain new skills, engage in various interactive activities, and participate in peer discussions.
  • Digital training: Don’t have time to attend a scheduled class, either virtually or in-person? You can still work towards your certification by browsing our library of over 600 free, self-paced, and interactive digital courses.
  • Supplemental training: Stay up-to-date with free interactive webinars and live-streaming content on Amazon Web Services PartnerCast or via Twitch .

2. Pick Up Where You Left Off

Fitting lessons around your job and personal life can feel like a juggling act when there is little flexibility. Fortunately, all Amazon Web Services Training is self-paced, meaning you can pick up where you left off whenever you have the time.

Amazon Web Services Skill Builder has hundreds of on-demand digital courses to choose from, with some taking as little as 10 minutes to complete. As such, it’s simple to fit learning around your other commitments and earn Amazon Web Services Certifications without the pressure of deadlines.

For example, Hermias Hendrikse, Business Development Lead at Siemens Digital Industries Software, incorporated training into the workday:

“In my role, I liaise with Global Alliance Partners. Understanding Amazon Web Services offerings and technology helps me lead productive discussions with Amazon Web Services,” said Hermias. “I took the Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner Essentials Digital training in Amazon Web Services Skill Builder to get a better grasp on cloud concepts. I went through the material in-between my meetings and could jump back in anytime. I needed to understand the basics quickly, which was exactly what Skill Builder helped me achieve.”

3. Earn Your First Accreditation at Lightning Speed

Did you know you can earn your first Amazon Web Services Partner Accreditation in less than a day? With several of the courses on Amazon Web Services Skill Builder taking only a few minutes to complete, you can start gaining invaluable cloud skills right away and have something to show for it in a matter of hours.

After completion, you’ll earn an industry-recognized, Amazon Web Services Partner-exclusive Accreditation badge to display on your social profiles, which demonstrates your Amazon Web Services Cloud competency. With 72% of learners reporting that Amazon Web Services Training programs would help them advance in their current role, it’s the perfect way to fast-track your professional development and build credibility.

4. Follow Curated Learning Plans

There are currently over 600 courses on Amazon Web Services Skill Builder that cover a range of topics and cater to learners of all skill levels. However, when you’re trying to learn about a specific solution or domain, it may seem like an impossible task to sift through all of the courses and find the right ones.

The good news is, with our curated learning plans, you don’t have to. Each learning plan provides you with a prescribed training path geared towards certain roles or Certifications. So, once you’ve completed a course, you’ll already know which one to take next. No more time wasted searching for content when you could be learning instead.

“I was really surprised at how well the material is thought out and curated,” said Rola Dali, a Data Scientist at Kyndryl who is 8X Amazon Web Services Certified. “It’s an intuitive ecosystem that just makes sense. My certification wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.”

Take the Fast Lane to Learning About the Cloud with Amazon Web Services

It’s never been simpler to pick up in-demand cloud skills, build confidence, and demonstrate your credibility. In fact, you can get started in under 30 minutes!

Watch our quick video tutorial on how to sign up and access the entire library of Amazon Web Services Partner-exclusive Amazon Web Services Training Courses today. For more information on the value of Amazon Web Services Partner Training and Certification, visit our training website .