Address: Building G, No.55, Huiyuan Road, Jiading, Shanghai, China

DreamT Shanghai Jiading Incubator is an incubator platform for high-tech Internet industry based on AWS Cloud services platform. It is co-built by Yaweisi (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jiading District government. This incubator is built not for the purpose of profit, but for creating a well-known brand of operating service provider and playing the role of “helping startups”.

Technology platform is one of the core strengths of the incubator. The incubator will provide settled startups with AWS Cloud services resources that is valued up to a maximum of RMB100,000 and annual AWS commercial and technical support discount coupon with a value of RMB30,000. At the same time, the incubator also set up Innovative Hands-on Labs for entrepreneurs to carry out a series of AWS Cloud services practices. Entrepreneurs can obtain relevant AWS Technical Certificates through systematic AWS training.

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The incubator is committed to discovering and nurturing entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams with passion, ambition, and industrial leadership potential, and companies with huge market potential. Fields involved: cloud and collaborative applications, consumption services, online games, wearable equipment, and IoT.

DreamT Shanghai Jiading Incubator is the first market-oriented joint incubation project promoted by the AWS China after its investment in cloud computing resources. For startups settled in the incubator, Yaweisi (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., the incubator operator, in addition to providing professional technical support, training, and guidance, will also provide analysis and guidance of phased business cases for each incubation project. The incubator operator will define the phase of different projects and provide professional business output, mentor guidance, and resource collection according to comprehensive big data analysis of a single project. In this way, companies can grow through education.

Through providing AWS Cloud services support and planning the implementation of various activities and resources exchange, DreamT Shanghai Jiading Incubator provides necessary support for the development of settled projects in the following areas: entrepreneurship services and guidance, investment and financing, training and human resources, upstream and downstream business connection, marketing promotion, and other services areas. Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center (Joint Incubator) operator, Yaweisi (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., provides a full range of incubation services for settled startups through the integration of government, AWS and multi-resources. For detailed services, see the official website of DreamT Shanghai Jiading Incubator WWW.DREAMT.CN and the incubator service agreement shall prevail.

In addition, as the major incubator supported by Jiading Industrial Park, the incubator operator strives to provide the latest information regarding government policies and declaration guidance for the first time; this includes entrepreneurship subsidies, loan guarantees, and interest compensation.

Also, Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center (Joint Incubator) operator organizes various training and social activities each month to help companies upgrade themselves, communicate with business partners, and discover potential customers. Activities including: technical framework guidance, tax consulting, entrepreneurship subsidies, AWS technology lectures, corporate receptions, and other roadshow activities with different themes. The operator gives settled companies enough space to communicate and create cooperation opportunities, so that companies can make progress together and make developments together. As a result, win-win situations are achieved.

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