The International Startup Program of Amazon Joint Innovation Center (abbr. JIC) and Joint Incubator (abbr. JIB) is a unique and cost-effective platform that strives to provide International startups with comprehensive resources and rich experiences, to empower them for future growth globally.

Usually, companies under the International Startup Program of JIC/JIB are able to leverage the Amazon Web Services cloud promotional credit, the technical specialty of Amazon’s client support team, connection with local mentors, local government’s beneficial policies, opportunity to receive VC’s funding support, and local operator’s logistical service. The collective work from Amazon and our program stakeholders ensured the maximum convenience of global startups and international companies to join the Amazon JIC/JIB.

The key values of the International Startup Program of JIC/JIB are listed as following:

  • The opportunity to gain access to China market and fully test drive your company’s products and services in China market.
  • Foster relationships with key local stakeholders and the opportunity to gain crucial financial, business, and talent resources in China by connecting and working with Amazon and our program stakeholders.
  • Expand client base internationally and foster strong client relationship by exchanging ideas and practices with local stakeholders.
  • Have the opportunity to receive essential business funding by working with JIC/JIB’s venture capital stakeholders.
  • Reduce operation expenses and gain business resources by leveraging the program stakeholder offerings.
  • Complimentary work space for 6 to 12 months duration. [2]
  • Amazon Promotional Credit, at a minimum of RMB100K or US$15K credit for selected startups.
  • Technical support (Business Level), Amazon Web Services training, and Amazon System Architect office hours.
  • Identify and connect with local program stakeholders (VC, business and technology stakeholders).
  • Local mentorships (VC and Industry Experts).
  • Government beneficial policies (e.g. Business Registration, Tax Incentives, Entrepreneur Talent Sponsorship) for startups which align with the direction of local government strategic industries.
  • Complimentary apartments for selected International startups.
  • Assistance provided by JIC/JIB Operator to recruit local talents through headhunters and talent acquisition agencies (Optional).

[1] These are general benefits. The offerings of each JIC or JIB will vary differently and terms & conditions will apply.

[2] Utility bill may apply depending on the incubation agreement signed between International startups and JIC/JIB operator.

The International Startup Program of JIC/JIB is mainly targeting International startups, particularly alumni of high-profile global accelerators and incubators, portfolios of venture capital institutions to join our prestigious community with the goal to expand and accelerate their business in China market. The candidate startups should have already received series B or B+ funding (exceptions could be granted for Israel and some Asian countries) and have a proven business model in their home market. Furthermore, the ideal candidate startups should already have launched products or services which could be customized for Chinese market.

Should you have any question or inquiry, please send email to