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Q: What is Microsoft SharePoint Server?

Microsoft SharePoint Server is a leading collaboration platform that helps organizations become more productive and work together more effectively. SharePoint Server enables collaboration by providing capabilities for document sharing, intranets, BI dashboards, public websites, and more.

Q: Why should I run SharePoint Server on Amazon Web Services?

Customers who run their SharePoint Server workloads on Amazon Web Services find that it helps them get more out of their investment. Amazon Web Services provides on-demand capacity and the ability to scale quickly based on demand, and reduces the costs of running SharePoint Server over an on-premises deployment.

Q: What are the benefits of running SharePoint Server on Amazon Web Services compared to using SharePoint Online or Office 365?

Running SharePoint Server on Amazon Web Services can give your organization the budget and flexibility to focus on strategic IT programs. Strategic IT often involves automating secret-sauce processes that are unique to your business. However, software as a service (SaaS) solutions are typically designed for broad market appeal and can limit you in terms of customizability, programmability, and extensibility. With Amazon Web Services, you can leverage cloud economics and agility to fully program and extend your business processes for the future.

Q: Which SharePoint Server and SQL Server licenses are used in this deployment?

The default deployment uses evaluation versions of SharePoint Server and SQL Server, which is ideal for trials and proof-of-concepts. You also have the option to use your own product key if you already have a license.

Q: Can I bring my existing SharePoint Server licenses to Amazon Web Services?

Yes. You can run SharePoint Server on Amazon Web Services by deploying eligible licenses with the Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance program. This program allows Microsoft customers to move current on-premises Microsoft Windows Server application workloads to Amazon Web Services without any additional Microsoft software license fees. This benefit is available to Microsoft Volume Licensing (VL) customers who have eligible server applications covered by active Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) contracts. To learn more, see License Mobility.

Q: What if my SharePoint Server license doesn’t have Software Assurance?

Microsoft Licensing Solution Providers (LSP), formerly known as Microsoft Large Account Resellers (LARs), can assist you with purchasing and/or adding Software Assurance to existing licenses. Contact your LSP for assistance. If you do not have an LSP, contact us for assistance.

Get Started with the Implementation Guide