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Industry Digital Acceleration Center is a new business driven initiative launched in GCR, which is a collaboration between Amazon Web Services and local governments that have a large number of industry customers. It is aiming to generate incremental cloud revenue for Amazon Web Services. The key strategy of IDAC can be summarized into 3 steps: 1) select the leading industry clusters in Chinese market by evaluating the Amazon Web Services’  industry focus and local business potential; 2) landing to the selected local district in collaboration with local government to get close to target customers; 3) leverage government’s connection and dedicated policy to acquire key industry customers and generate incremental cloud revenue.

The IDAC consists of 5 key modules

Industry Demo Center

Amazon Web Services select the best industry specific customer solution for the demo center and host customer centric events & activities to demonstrate Amazon Web Services industry capabilities, enable government preferential policies to connect industry customers, and utilize government funding to partially cover customer’s Amazon Web Services cloud expenditure.

Industry Government Funding

Local government provides a funding to subsidize the Amazon Web Services cloud usage from enterprise customers registered in specific district. Each enterprise can have part of their total Amazon Web Services usage reimbursed.

Industry Digital Innovation Club

A Digital Innovation Club for key Amazon Web Services customers & potential customers will be established in local district. The club will regularly publish industry digital trends, Amazon Web Services related news, and organize various interactive events to develop business connections. And it will also leverage existing Amazon Web Services programs of DI/Greenfield/Migration to accelerate customer’s digital transformation and migration to Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services Business Development Support

Government will help Amazon Web Services to expand customer channels including scientific research institutions, industry leaders, and start-up companies. For government owned projects, local government will also help Amazon Web Services to identify potential business opportunities.

Amazon Web Services Key Industry Customers Landing Acceleration

When Amazon Web Services key industry customers and GA/GISVs have needs to land, relocation or spin-off new business in Chinese market, Amazon Web Services IDAC can connect them to local government to offer dedicate beneficial packages to accelerate the process.

Read about the detailed supportive policies for each Amazon Web Services Industry Digital Acceleration Center in China

Shanghai-Amazon Web Services Healthcare and Life Science Industry Digitalization Acceleration Center

Suzhou-Amazon Web Services Autonomous Vehicle Industry Digital Acceleration Center

Tianjin-Amazon Web Services Manufacturing Digital Acceleration Center

Zhongshan-Amazon Web Services Manufacturing and Healthcare Digital Acceleration Center

Chengdu-Amazon Web Services Joint Innovation Center

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Miao Zeyu

Demand Gen. Rep

Focused in R&D of new drugs for clients in the pharmaceutical industry, cloud ERP, and genomics analysis. His field of expertise is ERP workload including SAP, Kingdee; familiar with use case in HCLS, manufacturing, consumer goods and retail.


Jiang Haotian

Demand Gen. Rep

Familiar with life science industry CADD/AIDD, Medical R&D and related cloud solutions; specializing in retail, manufacturing, life science, etc; Expertise in using cost-saving tools to help customers continuously optimize expenditures.

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