Your guide to find Amazon Web Services IoT for Automotive at CES 2023

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 will take place Jan 5-8 in Las Vegas, USA. CES is one of the most influential global technology events, covering nearly every aspect of the technology sector. You can find Amazon Web Services (Amazon Web Services) alongside Amazon Smart Vehicles in the “Amazon for Automotive” exhibit to check out the newest vehicle technology and latest innovations from Amazon, Amazon Web Services, and Amazon Web Services Partners.

You can find the Amazon for Automotive exhibit at booth #4001 in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) – that hall is entirely dedicated to Vehicle Technology . Multiple Amazon Web Services representatives will be on site to host informational meetings. If you’re looking to have a deeper discussion, you can request a meeting with Amazon Web Services here .

Amazon Web Services IoT for Automotive demos

There will be many great demos on display at the Amazon for Automotive booth and throughout the event. If you want to learn about the latest from Amazon Web Services IoT for Automotive and Amazon Web Services IoT FleetWise , be sure to check out these demos:

Going from OBD to EVD – standardize EV data collection with Amazon Web Services IoT FleetWise

Amazon for Automotive | LVCC West Hall | Booth 4001

The On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) standard has helped automakers collect diagnostic data from internal combustion engine vehicles in a standardized way, but the same standards don’t exist for Electric Vehicle Data (EVD). EV manufacturers, suppliers, systems integrators, and charging infrastructure providers have proprietary and siloed data, making it difficult to continuously detect anomalies, predict remaining useful life, and improve range estimates.

In this demo, you’ll learn how Amazon Web Services IoT FleetWise enables standardized data collection that scales across fleets of EVs. To demonstrate one of the many use cases enabled by standardized EV data, we will walk you through how Amazon Web Services IoT FleetWise can help collect and interpret battery cell-level data across a fleet of EVs, for the purposes of continuously monitoring EV battery health.

Enabling software-defined vehicles – accelerate vehicle software development with the cloud

Amazon for Automotive | LVCC West Hall | Booth 4001

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers are dealing with complexities that arise from the use of traditional processes to develop software for modern, Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs). Early and extensive testing utilizing the power of the cloud is the new paradigm that companies must adopt. It provides the agility to enhance the driver and passenger’s experience throughout the entire lifecycle of the vehicle.

Environmental parity is the main prerequisite to make this vision possible. It allows developers to reproduce in the cloud an environment where an onboard workload could run, without noticing differences from its ultimate home within the vehicle. This demo showcases how a real automotive workload that connects to a Controller Area Network (CAN bus) using Amazon Web Services IoT FleetWise can be developed in the cloud and deployed on an Arm-based vehicle component leveraging the Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge (SOAFEE) Framework .

Digital customer experience – frictionless parts, service scheduling, and payments

Amazon for Automotive | LVCC West Hall | Booth 4001

Build a direct and continuous brand relationship with vehicle owners while creating data-driven programs and campaigns that generate value and excite customers with personalized service experiences in and out of the vehicle, including predictive and pre-emptive maintenance notifications and scheduling.

In this demo, you’ll see how ‘always-on’ customer relationships are enabled with Amazon, Salesforce, and Stripe for an entirely new customer lifecycle experience. Attendees will learn how Salesforce and Amazon Web Services IoT FleetWise manage vehicle exception events with frictionless service scheduling and how to address customer needs during vehicle ownership, including purchase experience, accessorizing, part installation, maintenance, and repair.

Connected vehicles made easier with Amazon Web Services and Automotive Grade Linux

Automotive Grade Linux | LVCC West Hall | Booth 4141

Traditional methods of vehicle data collection and storage are unable to scale with the needs of modern automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). There is a demand for cost-effective solutions to remotely deploy vehicle software and collect near real-time data at scale for fleet management and autonomous driving use cases.

This hands-on demo showcases how connected vehicle solutions with Amazon Web Services and Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) help OEMs collect, transform, and transfer near real-time vehicle data to the cloud, including remote deployment and management. You will test drive a simulated vehicle and experience how Amazon Web Services IoT FleetWise capabilities extend across various vehicle connectivity systems, including the NXP GoldBox and Renesas R-Car, while running an AGL distribution. You’ll also learn how Amazon Web Services IoT FleetWise leverages custom event-driven campaigns and storage options to optimize costs for OEMs.

Integration of the neoVI Red 2 data logger with Amazon Web Services IoT FleetWise

Intrepid Control Systems | LVCC North Hall | Booth 3761

Intrepid Control Systems is excited to demonstrate the integration of Amazon Web Services IoT FleetWise with Intrepid data loggers, enabling real-time data collection and analysis for automaker fleets. This powerful solution allows for improved efficiency and effectiveness in operations, resulting in cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction. With the ability to wirelessly log data in a standalone fashion, Intrepid data loggers provide a comprehensive solution for automaker fleet management and analytics using the advanced capabilities of Amazon Web Services IoT FleetWise.

How NXP is enabling intelligent connected EVs

NXP | LVCC Central Plaza | Booth CP-18

This demo showcases how NXP provides end-to-end automotive processing platforms for intelligent connected vehicles from the battery and e-motor to the cloud. It integrates NXP’s battery management solution, traction inverter control, GreenBox real-time development platform, GoldBox vehicle networking reference design, and OrangeBox connectivity domain controller development platform. The S32G GoldBox includes the GoldVIP vehicle integration platform, which integrates Amazon Web Services IoT Greengrass to support edge run-time and cloud services, Amazon Web Services IoT SiteWise for cloud visualization of vehicle data, and Amazon Web Services IoT FleetWise to intelligently collect electric vehicle data. With GoldVIP, NXP customers can immediately start using Amazon Web Services cloud services out-of-the-box to rapidly prototype connected EV applications.


We hope you are as excited as we are to kick off the start of the new year at CES. Join us throughout the show to check out the latest in automotive from Amazon, Amazon Web Services, and Amazon Web Services Partners. Be sure to request a meeting if you’d like to have a more in-depth discussion.

See you soon in Las Vegas!