Start Your Learning Journey with the Right Roadmap from Amazon Web Services Training and Certification

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By Megan Diaz, Partner Marketing Manager – Amazon Web Services

Are you overwhelmed by choice when it comes to your cloud training options? To help break down barriers and develop your cloud skills, Amazon Web Services (Amazon Web Services) has created several methods to guide you on the correct learning journey, including learning plans, courses with different training styles, and a curated list of our most popular courses amongst Amazon Web Services Partners.

Research from Gallup and Amazon Web Services shows that nearly three out of four professionals who acquire advanced digital skills express high job satisfaction (72%) and higher confidence in job security (72%).

With your choice of learning plans, resources, and curated course guides, Amazon Web Services Partner Training and Certification make it easy to deepen your digital skills and start training with the courses that fit your learning needs.


In this post, we’ll explore what training resonates with the thousands of partners already learning with Amazon Web Services Partner Training and Certification.

Get Blueprints for Your Training with Learning Plans

Partner learning plans are a great place to start as you prepare for an exam or your role in the cloud. These pre-designed training paths pull from the 600+ training courses available in Amazon Web Services Skill Builder to create a roadmap of learning to help you gain the skills you want.

Outlining the courses to start and in which order, learning plans remove the guesswork from training but still give you the flexibility to fit learning into your schedule. Amazon Web Services expert-built and recommended curriculum can be taken at your own pace, letting you choose the full path or only the courses that interest you.

As partner learner Gineesh Madapparamath, Platform and DevOps Consultant at Red Hat , says: “Amazon Web Services Skill Builder helps me stay current and practice my skills as often as needed. The interface is clutter-free and easy to navigate. Learning plans organize free content and guide where to start and progress with learning. The skills I am learning help me design and deploy solutions using Amazon Web Services services and capabilities for automation and containerization workflows.”

Ready to get started? These learning plans will help you find a place to start and take the over out of overwhelming. Choose one of the top learning plans in an exam or role category:

  • Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect Associate Certification Partner Learning Plan
  • Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner Certification Partner Learning Plan
  • Developer Partner Learning Plan
  • Security Engineer Partner Learning Plan

Learners are unique and demand varied approaches to training. Whether you’re facing analysis paralysis, need something to pique your interest, or want to stay up to date on the latest and greatest, Amazon Web Services Partner Training and Certification has options for you.

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Options for Every Learner

Partner Training and Certification offers different types of training you can choose from to suit your unique learning style and add variety to your training routine. Dive deep with hands-on practice or get started at a theoretical or high level. Get a personalized learning experience with training modalities such as on-demand and in-classroom courses.

Another partner learner, Stephen Mac at BAE Systems , said, “The ability to learn on-demand at my own pace and focus on curated learning pathways was critical for my needs. I particularly loved how the concepts were broken down and communicated with the help of real-world examples in a video format.”

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

No matter how busy your schedule is, digital training from Amazon Web Services makes it easy to keep your skills fresh. Get 600+ free on-demand digital courses and learning plans with Amazon Web Services Skill Builder.

  • Digital: Dive into training complete with videos, written transcripts, quizzes, and easy-to-understand language. Complete courses on-demand and on your own time.
  • Video: Get quick, easy training through narrated videos that are shorter than our digital courses. Choose from a variety of topics, from sales enablement to cloud security.

Engage in Interactive Learning from Experts

Dive deep with classroom training delivered by the experts at Amazon Web Services, and get your questions answered in real-time.

  • Classroom training: Learn in-demand cloud skills and best practices, either in-person or virtually in live classes with expert Amazon Web Services instructors using a mix of presentations, discussions, and hands-on labs.

Practice with Hands-On Training

Learn by doing—and playing—as you practice using Amazon Web Services services in a safe, no-fee sandbox environment. Sena Yakut at PurpleBox  said: “Amazon Web Services Cloud Quest games and hands-on labs [are] particularly helpful, and I [immediately applied] Amazon Web Services best practices and Amazon Web Services Well-Architected Framework [principles] in real-life projects and improved architecture designs for my customers.”

  • Amazon Web Services Builder Lab: Access 125+ guided labs in a live sandbox environment. Build like the experts in a risk-free environment with step-by-step instructions and leave with practical experience in the Amazon Web Services Management Console. Tiana Myers at Ensono said: “I loved getting an interactive experience with tasks that allowed me to explore beyond the day-to-day of my current role. I especially liked the do-it-yourself section. Implementing a part of the solution on my own made me more confident in my skills. The labs were detailed, yet easy to follow.”
  • Amazon Web Services Jam Journey: Build without instructions in open-ended challenges that use multiple Amazon Web Services services in a live sandbox environment and put your skills to the test with real-world scenarios. Gain confidence knowing you’re ready to achieve your professional goals by conquering an Amazon Web Services Jam Journey.
  • Amazon Web Services Cloud Quest: Get in the game while you get in the cloud. Amazon Web Services Cloud Quest is the only role-playing game to help you build practical Amazon Web Services skills. Keep it fun while you customize your avatar, collect gems, solve puzzles, and zap drones—all while learning Amazon Web Services technology concepts. Pablo Bueti at Accenture said: “I had little prior work experience with the cloud but needed Amazon Web Services skills to be successful in my current DevOps role. I used Amazon Web Services Cloud Quest as part of my learning path for the Amazon Web Services Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam. I liked how I was evolving my skills in a virtual city with tasks that contributed to its transformation.”

Exam Prep from the Source

Set yourself up for success with access to exam prep resources such as webinars, practice question sets, exam prep courses, and official practice exams.

Rola Dali at Kyndryl said: “For every certification, I looked up all available resources in Amazon Web Services Skill Builder that related to the certification and went through the material. I was really surprised at how well the material is thought out and curated. It’s an intuitive ecosystem that just makes sense. My certification wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.”

  • Official practice exams: Get a subscription to Amazon Web Services Skill Builder and go beyond free practice exams with an official practice exam. These exams provide exercises with the same question style and rigor as the certification exam. Exam style scoring indicates whether you passed, helping to gauge your readiness.

Next Steps: Choose from the Most Popular Amazon Web Services Courses

Still not sure where to start? Check out our curated page of the most popular courses for partners to see where thousands of learners have started their journey. Here, you can view our top accreditations and most popular courses for builders, sellers, and more.

Go beyond the training options available in the free version by subscribing to Amazon Web Services Skill Builder for $29 a month. Unlock access to Amazon Web Services Builder Labs, Amazon Web Services Jam Journeys, Official Practice Exams, and more Amazon Web Services Cloud Quest roles.