New whitepaper available: Charting a path to stronger security with Zero Trust

by Quint Van Deman and Mark Ryland | on

Security is a top priority for organizations looking to keep pace with a changing threat landscape and build customer trust. However, the traditional approach of defined security perimeters that separate trusted from untrusted network zones has proven to be inadequate as hybrid work models accelerate digital transformation.

Today’s distributed enterprise requires a new approach to ensuring the right levels of security and accessibility for systems and data. Security experts increasingly recommend Zero Trust as the solution, but security teams can get confused when Zero Trust is presented as a product, rather than as a security model. We’re excited to share a whitepaper we recently authored with SANS Institute called Zero Trust: Charting a Path To Stronger Security , which addresses common misconceptions and explores Zero Trust opportunities.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, over 60% of organizations will embrace Zero Trust as a starting place for security.

The whitepaper includes context and analysis that can help you move past Zero Trust marketing hype and learn about these key considerations for implementing a successful Zero Trust strategy:

  • Zero Trust definition and guiding principles
  • Six foundational capabilities to establish
  • Four fallacies to avoid
  • Six Zero Trust use cases
  • Metrics for measuring Zero Trust ROI

The journey to Zero Trust is an iterative process that is different for every organization. We encourage you to download the whitepaper , and gain insight into how you can chart a path to a multi-layered security strategy that adapts to the modern environment and meaningfully improves your technical and business outcomes. We look forward to your feedback and to continuing the journey together.

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Quint Van Deman

Quint is a Senior Principal within the Office of the CISO at Amazon Web Services, based in Virginia. He works to increase the scope and impact of the Amazon Web Services CISO externally through customer executive engagement and outreach, supporting secure cloud adoption. Internally, he focuses on collaborating with Amazon Web Services service teams as they address customer security challenges and uphold Amazon Web Services security standards.


Mark Ryland

Mark is a Director of Security at Amazon, based in Virginia. He has over 30 years of experience in the technology industry and has served in leadership roles in cybersecurity, software engineering, distributed systems, technology standardization, and public policy. An Amazon Web Services veteran of over 12 years, he started as the Director of Solutions Architecture and Professional Services for the Amazon Web Services Worldwide Public Sector team, and more recently founded and led the Amazon Web Services Office of the CISO.