New training: Building Serverless Applications on Amazon Web Services, available on Coursera and edX

by Dan Naden and Russell Sayers | on

If you are a developer or software engineer looking to gain the foundational knowledge and skills to develop in the Amazon Web Services Cloud and want a good understanding of the Amazon Web Services services that can help make this happen, a new content series, Building Serverless Applications on Amazon Web Services from Amazon Web Services Training and Certification, is a great place to start.

Throughout these three new courses (available on Coursera and edX), you’ll learn from Amazon Web Services experts as they teach you through real-world examples of using Amazon Web Services services from your applications, and Amazon Web Services as a home for your applications. You’ll learn about serverless architectures and get practical, tangible hands-on activities that will empower you to learn by doing. The only experience required is just a general understanding of Information Technology and a willingness to learn something new!

The best news? The skills and knowledge you’ll gather through this series are in demand and growing. Companies are increasingly demanding Git-related skills with a growth of 45% since 2019. Cloud Development & Management is the fastest-growing major skill cluster at a CAGR of 68% since 2019. (Source: Draup)

Building Serverless Applications on Amazon Web Services series

Integrating Amazon Web Services with the SDK is the first course. You’ll start with the basics as you begin with a simple application and decide to move that application to Amazon Web Services. You are in the shoes of a consultant as you drive the change of building an end-to-end API to replace an existing application. You start by learning about Identity and Access Management and the important pillars of security, stability, and scalability, and introduce Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) as the application of choice to move storage to Amazon Web Services. You’ll then learn how to upgrade the application to become a hosted API that move from its location to inside Amazon Web Services. Finally, you’ll learn the various Amazon Web Services services that you’ll need along this journey, including Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Web Services Lambda. Get started on Coursera or edX .

Serverless Architectures on Amazon Web Services is next and accelerates your work as a consultant as you dive into Amazon Web Services services and how they can assist with building solutions on Amazon Web Services. In the first course, you created resources manually, which can be difficult and time-consuming. It’s perfect timing to learn tools that can help automate many tasks. The course begins by introducing the concept of ‘Infrastructure as Code’ and leveraging Amazon Web Services Cloud Formation and Amazon Web Services Serverless Application Model to get you up and running in a serverless environment. You’ll also cover Event-Driven architecture approach and compare and contrast it to RESTful API that was covered in course #1. Services such as Amazon Simple Notification Services (SNS) and Amazon Simple Queue Services (SQS) and managed services help streamline this work. Finally, you’ll ramp up skills by looking at Amazon Web Services Step Functions for efficient workflow coordination to enable utilization of multiple Amazon Web Services resources within our application framework. This course helps you understand all the resources available when building applications in the Amazon Web Services Cloud. Get started on Coursera or edX .

Hands-on with Amazon Web Services: Software Development Practices is the final class where you conclude your journey as a new consultant or software developer at a consultancy. In the first two courses, you worked with simple sample applications and proof of concepts for clients. Now, it’s time to transition into working on a team that’s pushing code to production. Everyone is playing their part – from the building, deploying, and the support of the app. You’ll get introduced to DevOps, a set of philosophies, practices, and tools that increase an organization and team’s ability to deliver applications at speed and scale. You’ll cover Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CICD) and the Amazon Web Services services that can support you every step of the way. As you wrap up this course and series, you’ll learn about services such as Amazon Web Services Code Commit to create a code repository, Amazon Web Services CodeBuild to build and test code, Amazon Web Services CodeDeploy to deploy the code, and Amazon Web Services CodePipeline to automate all the phases to support continuous delivery. Get started on Coursera or edX .

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Start the three-course Building Serverless Applications on Amazon Web Services series today and get on the fast track to begin your career developing software that runs on Amazon Web Services. The courses are now available on Coursera and edX for free, although it’s recommended you unlock the paid option (Coursera: $39/month for the specialization or $49/course; edX: $49/course) to gain career-amplifying access to assessments, hands-on exercises, and a shareable completion certificate that recruiters and future employers will want to see.