Deloitte advances women in cloud tech using Amazon Web Services Training and Certification

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As a leading global professional services organization, Deloitte recognizes that one of its greatest strengths is the unique perspectives and voices of its people—with diversity, equity, and inclusion part of its core values. Deloitte has also long recognized the gender gap in the technology space, and it has been working to close that gap through training programs like Deloitte Women in Cloud.

The Deloitte Cloud Institute was founded in 2018 with the goal of helping both Deloitte practitioners and clients to navigate the ever-evolving complexity of cloud technologies. It accomplishes this goal through a custom curriculum designed to foster lifelong learning, as well as through alliances with the major cloud providers. Since 2019, Deloitte has collaborated closely with Amazon Web Services to offer Amazon Web Services-specific training and certification coursework to its practitioners. As an Amazon Web Services Training Partner , Deloitte has access to ROI Training , which delivers cloud skills training programs built exclusively by experts at Amazon Web Services.

In April 2022, Deloitte launched a unique pilot program called CloudUp for Women (CU4W), aimed at helping women from diverse professional backgrounds to gain in-demand cloud skills and address the gender gap in tech. Throughout the course of a one-day, virtual bootcamp-style training, nearly 2,000 participants were able to validate their technical skills and cloud knowledge, preparing them for careers in the cloud market and Amazon Web Services Certification . Both leaders and participants felt the session was a resounding success, and more bootcamps are already in the works.

“Cloud is a fundamental skillset in the digital world, and we are committed to attracting more women to this field,” said Lesley Wellener, manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and program manager for the Deloitte Cloud Institute. “Collaborating with Amazon Web Services has helped us to accelerate our goal of closing the gender gap in cloud.”

“I’m happy to report that we had to keep increasing our enrollment goal because there was so much interest,” added Wellener. The training also included follow-up, virtual office hours where participants could ask specific questions, and Deloitte provided exam vouchers to all participants who sat for certification exams. Surveys completed after the program indicated high participant satisfaction.

Focusing on women to build diverse teams and enhance Deloitte’s Amazon Web Services practice

Deloitte has grown its cloud practice significantly over the last half-decade, and skilled workers with Amazon Web Services Certifications are in high demand. For Deloitte, advancing the technological knowledge of its practitioners, including women, is more than just a goal—it’s good business for everyone.

“The CU4W training was a welcoming experience, and it was just enough to kick-start my journey toward certification,” said bootcamp participant Rebecca D’Agostino, senior consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “I already use the tools I learned about. For example, I used the pricing training to guide clients according to their Amazon Web Services Cloud needs when they were weighing options for a solution with multiple internal and external stakeholders.” After the bootcamp, an enthusiastic D’Agostino created a weekly study group with other women looking to get more Amazon Web Services Certifications and further their cloud careers.

“It’s a fantastic program, enabling participants at all levels to learn regardless of prior cloud experience,” said participant Bunny Naghipour, manager in the cloud strategy practice at Deloitte Consulting LLP. “The CU4W program covers technical and nontechnical practitioners. It helps our people without prior technical experience or prior hyperscaler training to be in the room and be additive, and for those who are technical, it furthers their ability to support our clients’ goals.”

Sonal Hooda, a consultant with Deloitte Consulting LLP, also found the bootcamp worthwhile. “My background is mostly business, so initially it was difficult to understand cloud concepts,” Hooda said. “Training has definitely given me more confidence and understanding to have conversations with my clients and help them make cost-effective decisions as they migrate data to the cloud.”

“Overall, the CU4W program was a huge success, and we can’t wait to host more bootcamps and train more cloud practitioners,” Wellener said. “Diverse teams bring new and fresh perspectives that enhance our teams’ problem-solving abilities. CU4W is one important small step that helps to make our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals a reality.”