Amazon Web Services Partner Transformation Program (PTP) expands to help Amazon Web Services Partners accelerate their cloud business

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Amazon Web Services (Amazon Web Services) is expanding its Partner Transformation Program (PTP) with a suite of Targeted Transformation Modules (TTMs) to help Amazon Web Services Partners accelerate their cloud journey through tailored guidance and support. These new TTMs, available now, provide topic-specific workshops designed to complement standard PTP engagement. Developed in collaboration with our partners, the two TTMs currently available to partners are the Cloud Enablement Engine (CEE) and the CFO Cloud Conversations (CCC).

Cloud Enablement Engine (CEE)

When businesses undergo a major change in operations, they need a plan. With the Cloud Enablement Engine (CEE) workshop, our team of Transformation Consultants helps partners accelerate their journey with Amazon Web Services by teaching them how to build a sustainable Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE). The new CEE workshops provide organizations with a set of repeatable standards, new governance frameworks, and best practices to organize a seamless transition. CEE modules are designed to help organizations scale their business, and help create a comprehensive plan to establish a CCoE within 90 days.

Felipe Augusto, chief technology officer (CTO) of NextPage , said, “Developing a CEE allowed us to propagate our knowledge to the broader team in an easier way and replicate our solutions for more public sector clients since now our solutions are easier to deploy and maintain. As a software development company, we always work against the clock and CEE meetings remind us that proactively planning and communicating can also help us in reducing development time and costs.”

CFO Cloud Conversations (CCC)

Amazon Web Services succeeds when our partners succeed. That is why we created a workshop focused on helping chief financial officers (CFOs) of partners make informed cloud decisions as they grow their business. The CCC workshop is designed to help CFOs advise their organization, Board of Directors, stakeholders, and lenders on the business implications of their Amazon Web Services Cloud journey. Incorporating learnings from Amazon Web Services, industry consultants, and other partners who have successfully leveraged their cloud services, CCCs give CFOs the tools they need to engage stakeholders and manage their cloud transformation. CCC workshops dive deeper into various public sector programs, review relevant costs, and evaluate timeframes that CFOs need to consider when planning their business goals for both large and small companies.

Amazon Web Services Partner Tshwane University of Technology (TUTEH) commented, “The CCC is extremely insightful and timely for us. Our Senior Team now have a much better understanding of the issues and models we need to incorporate into our financial planning.”

A better cloud journey with the Amazon Web Services Partner Transformation Program

The Amazon Web Services Partner Transformation Program (PTP) is a comprehensive assessment, training, and enablement program focused on helping partners build successful and profitable Amazon Web Services Cloud businesses. Whether partners are new to the cloud or in the advanced stages of building cloud businesses, this program provides partners with the guidance to accelerate the development of Amazon Web Services skills and expertise to better serve customers’ journey to the cloud.

Since the inception of the PTP for Public Sector in 2017, more than 700 Amazon Web Services Partners have participated in the program globally, accelerating their cloud transformation and creation of Amazon Web Services-based businesses and solutions.

For example, Amazon Web Services Partner OST , an IT solutions and infrastructure provider, participated in Amazon Web Services PTP to accelerate building its cloud business and to grow its business opportunities. After completing the program, OST increased its number of business opportunities by 19%, achieving 77% greater value in new business engagements. The company also used the engagement as an opportunity to build employee expertise and engagement, and increased Amazon Web Services technical and business certifications for its engineers by 50%.

Similarly, Amazon Web Services Partner Ensono participated in the PTP to help its internal teams identify strengths and opportunity areas for growth. Working with Amazon Web Services, Ensono embarked on a 100-day plan that included customized recommendations designed to help build, transform, and optimize their cloud business and increase their Amazon Web Services business potential. After completing the program, Ensono focused on its expertise as an Amazon Web Services Managed Service Provider (MSP) and experienced a 25% growth in total Amazon Web Services opportunities.

Overall, the new TTMs are designed to provide partners worldwide the opportunity to address specific needs and accelerate their cloud journey. These modules provide tailored guidance and support, and Amazon Web Services is committed to helping partners achieve their business goals through the program.

Amazon Web Services is committed to providing value, support, and innovative technology to our partners. TTMs are another way that Amazon Web Services is fulfilling that obligation. These initial TTMs are available now in select geographies, in preparation for an expanded rollout in 2024.

If you are interested in learning more about TTMs, please speak to your Amazon Web Services Partner Development Manager or contact Amazon Web Services . More information about the Amazon Web Services Partner Transformation Program is available online.

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