Amazon Web Services joins Catena-X, underscoring commitment to transparency and collaboration in the global Automotive and Manufacturing Industries

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Membership will help increase the pace of industry innovation while simultaneously working to solve challenges from supply chain, to warranty, sustainability, and more.

Sustainability, connected vehicles, and electrification are just some of the technological challenges that are driving the transformation across automotive and manufacturing industry. Recent disruptions of supply chains caused by the pandemic and geo-political factors have also posed new challenges to the industry. These factors cannot be addressed by any individual company and require closer, data-driven collaboration.

That is why the automotive industry has founded the Catena-X Automotive Network e.V. (Catena-X). Catena-X aims to create greater transparency by building a trustworthy, collaborative, open and secure data ecosystem for the automotive industry. The data ecosystem is expected to gain worldwide acceptance and establish itself globally. Through a growing network of regional hubs, contact points will be created step by step and a network of internationally active multipliers will be established. Amazon Web Services is underscoring its commitment to the global Automotive and Manufacturing industry by joining Catena-X and supporting this data-driven collaboration.

Automotive customers from startups to global OEMs are leveraging Amazon Web Services’s unique capabilities around artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, IoT, and data analytics to build solutions that drive value throughout the enterprise from improving supply chain and manufacturing operations, to software-defined vehicles and products, and highly automated and autonomous driving systems.

Innovation is a key component to achieve sustainability goals, and data plays a central role to solve challenges such as decarbonization of operations and water conservation. Customers are using Amazon Web Services to build sustainability solutions ranging from carbon tracking to energy conservation to waste reduction, using Amazon Web Services services to ingest, analyze, and manage sustainability data. To build a sustainable business for our customers, Amazon Web Services is focused on efficiency and continuous innovation across our global infrastructure, as we continue on our path to powering our operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Amazon Web Services is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform offering more than 200 fully featured services – from infrastructure technologies like compute, storage, and databases–to emerging technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics, and Internet of Things. The use of cloud computing services, data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be instrumental to growing the data economy. Organizations trust Amazon Web Services to help them address their digital transformation challenges. We understand that industries most critical and sensitive assets is data. Amazon Web Services is here to support the digital future, to help our customers and partners accelerate cloud-driven innovation – to compete at home and globally.

Supporting the Automotive & Manufacturing industry to increase the resilience and flexibility of supply chains
As a member of Catena-X, Amazon Web Services is looking forward to supporting automotive OEMs and suppliers to tackle challenges in areas like predictive maintenance, warranty, supply chain transformation, and sustainability. At re:Invent 2022, we announced Amazon Web Services Supply Chain , which makes Amazon’s supply chain expertise available expertise as a service on Amazon Web Services. The service makes it easy to unify data and provide machine learning–powered actionable insights, built-in contextual collaboration, and demand planning which will be used by customers across industries. Amazon Web Services has been partnering with its customers to tackle some of these same challenges in the past: In 2020, Bosch Mobility Solutions launched the development of COVANTO , an industry-wide service framework for data-driven quality management built on Amazon Web Services and proposed to act as a solution for Catena-X. In the same year, the BMW Group and Amazon Web Services announced the BMW Group’s “Cloud Data Hub” on Amazon Web Services. By combining the domain expertise of the BMW Group with Amazon Web Services’s capabilities in the cloud, the two companies expanded their impact across the automotive industry so that stakeholders, from parts manufacturers to mechanics, can benefit from greater visibility and insights. By joining Catena-X, Amazon Web Services takes the next logical step in its collaboration and support of the automotive industry to directly drive this important initiative forward.

As a member of Catena-X, Amazon Web Services plans to provide architectural guidance and tightly integrate the Catena-X concepts and software components with our cloud services. For example, Amazon Web Services started to make open-source contributions to the core components of the Catena-X technical architecture, the Eclipse Dataspace Components. If you are interested in collaborating on any Catena-X use-case with us or require guidance on how to connect your data on Amazon Web Services to the Catena-X data space, contact us .