Aptos is redefining retail technology innovation with Amazon Web Services

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Several years ago, Aptos embarked on a journey to redefine and disrupt the retail software landscape. Recognizing that consumers’ shopping behaviors and expectations have irrevocably changed, Aptos believes that retail technology stacks should, too.

After years of intense innovation, Aptos launched Aptos ONE , a cloud-native, microservices-based unified commerce platform. This new platform, which takes advantage of API-first architecture and modular design, is built leveraging Amazon Web Services (Amazon Web Services).

Together, Aptos and Amazon Web Services are helping retailers break down data silos, unify frontend and backend systems, and reinventing consumer and associate experiences with unprecedented flexibility.

Aptos ONE: A Look Under the Platform Hood

In developing the Aptos ONE platform, Aptos aligned around a core set of foundational architectural principles:

  • Cloud-native microservices with Amazon Web Services hosting
  • Universal (omni-native) services and platform
  • Extensibility framework with APIs and façade services
  • Modern DevOps focused on agile development with sprint cycles every two weeks
  • Mobile-first design focused on Apple and Android operating systems
  • Offline resiliency for solutions such as Point of Sale (POS)

Following those principles, the Aptos ONE platform was built with three main layers:

The Platform Layer: leverages public cloud infrastructure alongside key proprietary components critical to enabling offline resiliency into retail-ready Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service capabilities.

The Services Layer: a group of independent individual services that are interoperable. These services can be assembled together or deployed individually to provide retailers with a variety of functionality.

The Experiences Layer: assembles microservices into workflows that will create the final user experience and “solution.”

Figure 1 - an overview of the Aptos ONE unified commerce platform

Figure 1 – an overview of the Aptos ONE unified commerce platform

With its architectural principles and platform layer fully dialed in, Aptos drew upon its preeminence in store systems to develop the first solution built on the new platform— Aptos ONE POS .

Aptos ONE POS: Built from the Ground Up

“Aptos ONE POS was built from the ground up to be a cloud-native, API-driven application,” said Nikki Baird, Aptos’ VP of Strategy. “We’ve seen other vendors roll out ‘cloud’ POS solutions that still have bits and pieces of on-premises, distributed client-server architecture. Similarly, we also see POS vendors that added APIs after the solution was built, compared to developing the POS system around APIs first.”

“When developing Aptos ONE POS, we were adamant about avoiding any of those shortcuts,” Baird continued, “because those shortcuts will have retailers dealing with the same flexibility constraints that led them to seek out a new solution in the first place.”

Baird also described Aptos’ shift away from monolithic architecture when developing Aptos ONE POS. “Our decision to adopt a microservices-based architecture instead of a monolithic one centers on the fact that with microservices, when a retailer needs to enhance, tweak or replace business logic, only a small part of the solution needs to be touched. This is a much faster and more cost-effective way for retailers to roll out new and differentiating experiences for their customers and associates.”

“Additionally, since a single microservice can be consumed by multiple solutions, that knocks down walls between applications and creates one source of truth. Ultimately this leads to a more seamless experience for the shopper and improved operational performance for the retailer,” Baird concluded.

While its cloud-native, extensible and modular construct have all been key factors in retailers selecting Aptos ONE POS, Aptos is quick to point out that its offline resiliency is also one of the solution’s top differentiators.

Offline Resilient: Why Does It Matter?

It’s easy to think that cloud connectivity is ubiquitous these days in most developed countries, but the reality is far different for many retailers. This includes those with stores in rural areas, those with stores frequently impacted by extreme weather outages and those with stores that have mysterious “dead spots.”

The challenge for reliable connectivity grows even more complex outside a retailer’s four walls—think pop-up shops at events, sidewalk sales and mobile selling units.

Given the various connectivity challenges, there is surging demand for POS solutions that can operate offline—solutions like Aptos ONE POS.

“With the advancements made in offline-resilient cloud POS, retailers can avoid one of their most dreaded scenarios—the inability to ring transactions and serve customers,” said Mike Hughes, VP and Solution Principal at Aptos.

The Aptos and Amazon Web Services Collaboration

As retailers’ need for unified commerce technology has become increasingly urgent, Aptos’ collaboration with Amazon Web Services has been instrumental in the successful launch of and market demand for Aptos ONE.

The combination continues to strengthen as Aptos develops more solutions built on top of the Aptos ONE platform—leveraging Amazon Web Services infrastructure and managed services. Powered by Amazon Web Services, Aptos’ solutions can scale to serve the needs of its tier 1 and tier 2 retail clients.

You can learn more about Aptos through the Amazon Web Services Partner Network.

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Aptos is the global leader in unified commerce solutions for retailers. Our modern, cloud-native POS and advanced enterprise technologies are trusted by hundreds of retail brands around the world. For over 40 years, Aptos has delivered software solutions that help retailers inspire loyalty, maximize revenue and reduce costs.