Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey with Amazon Web Services Automotive Competency Partners

by Ajit Kolhe, Chris Butler, Luke Harvey, and Todd Kaduke | on

By Ajit Kolhe, WW Partner Lead, Automotive – Amazon Web Services
By Luke Harvey, Principal Partner Solutions Architect, Automotive – Amazon Web Services
By Todd Kaduke, Global Partner Marketing Lead, Automotive – Amazon Web Services
By Chris Butler, Launch Product Manager – Amazon Web Services

In today’s rapidly evolving automotive landscape, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are embracing innovation to meet the changing preferences of their customers. Recent industry trends have shown:

  • 37% of consumers would switch car brands to achieve improvements in connectivity, autonomous driving, shared mobility, and electrification ( Unlocking the full life-cycle value from connected-car data , McKinsey & Company, 2021).
  • 10–25% of global automotive sales will be fully online by 2025 ( A future beyond brick and mortar – disruptive change ahead in automotive retail , McKinsey & Company, 2020).
  • OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers believe software-defined vehicles can increase profitability by $2,600 per car in the high-volume segment and up to $7,500 per car for premium segments ( Chasing the Software-Defined Dream Car , BCG, 2021).

Fueled by the demand for innovation, automotive businesses are turning to Amazon Web Services (Amazon Web Services) to transform their operating models. The complexity of the automotive industry’s challenges requires cloud partners with deep automotive experience.

To support this need, we’re excited to announce the Amazon Web Services Automotive Competency , which helps Amazon Web Services customers build towards an autonomous, customer-centric, and safe and sustainable future.

Launched at the IAA Mobility 2023 show in Munich, the Amazon Web Services Automotive Competency highlights specialized Amazon Web Services Partners offering professional services and software solutions for automotive customers across: autonomous mobility, software-defined vehicle, connected mobility, sustainability, digital customer experience, product engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain.

To achieve the Amazon Web Services Automotive Competency specialization, Amazon Web Services Partners must undergo a rigorous technical validation and vetted customer references. We’re thrilled to introduce the Amazon Web Services Partners who collaborated with Amazon Web Services to develop this new competency.

Amazon Web Services Automotive Competency Launch Partners

The Amazon Web Services Competency Program is designed to highlight Amazon Web Services Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas.

We invite you to explore the following Amazon Web Services Automotive Competency Launch Partner offerings recommended by Amazon Web Services:

Disrupted supply chains, raw material, and energy cost volatility means that automotive OEMs need a clear strategy to leverage new business models, make sustainability a true market differentiator, and transform costs and investments. Accenture helps automotive companies drive efficiencies, unlock new value, enhance the customer experience, and create new business models.

Arm, Inc.
Arm Virtual Hardware provides an Ubuntu Linux image including Arm development tools for IoT, machine learning, and embedded applications. Arm compilers, fixed virtual platforms, and other development tools targeting Cortex-M are available to get started quickly. Arm and Amazon Web Services work together to enable optimized price performance and CPU silicon innovation in the Amazon Web Services Cloud. The Amazon Web Services Graviton3 and Amazon Web Services Graviton3E processors use the Arm Neoverse V1 core and the Amazon Web Services Graviton2 processor uses Arm Neoverse N1 cores to deliver its computational horsepower.

Capgemini’s engineering expertise, combined with the Amazon Web Services Cloud, offers an opportunity to revolutionize the way we think about automotive experiences. Capgemini’s innovative platforms empower automotive leaders, manufacturers, and innovators to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Experience the power of Amazon Web Services IoT and AI services, bringing unprecedented connectivity and intelligence to your vehicles. Take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of Amazon Web Services, ensuring your automotive systems are always adaptable and future-proof.

Deloitte’s automotive cloud solutions center on autonomous, connected vehicles; auto industrial cloud; digital sales and marketing; cloud migration and modernization; and cyber, risk, and regulatory services. In collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Deloitte brings the experience necessary to drive transformation in the automotive space. Deloitte’s understanding of industry issues, together with Amazon Web Services innovation, forms a unique combination of global business transformation experience and market-leading technology that help you drive maximum value and impact with business solutions that build tomorrow’s innovations.

dSPACE combines the premium quality of its industry-leading solutions with the power, flexibility, and scalability of the Amazon Web Services Cloud to support modern data-rich and computation-intensive automotive developments. dSPACE and Amazon Web Services are working together to accelerate the automotive development and testing cycle by delivering innovative, scalable, and efficient sets of data acquisition, simulation, and testing solutions to automotive engineers across the world.

DXC Technology
As an Amazon Web Services Solution Provider and Premier Tier Services Partner, DXC’s solutions cover strategy, migration, and managed services for cloud, applications, and analytics. DXC helps you modernize and get the most out of your cloud investments, and integrate with your existing IT infrastructure.

Excelfore Corporation
Excelfore provides secure and automated policy-driven device management solutions including OTA, diagnostics, data aggregation, and analytics for the automotive industry. It has over 20 million vehicles under deployment contracts with over 10 global automotive OEMs in 14 car models.

HCLTech helps automotive OEMs, dealers, suppliers, automotive finance, and auto retail companies transform into modern enterprises by offering end-to-end automotive solutions on Amazon Web Services covering autonomous mobility, digital customer engagement, product engineering, connected mobility, manufacturing, and supply chain processes. HCLTech, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, has developed industry specific solutions that help automotive companies accelerate their digital transformation journey—enabling them to become future ready enterprises whilst delivering measurable business outcomes.

Infosys Ltd
Infosys connects people, devices, machines, and businesses to make them smarter and better. This is achieved by augmenting intelligence of systems, controlling production processes, enabling remote operations, predicting failures, monitoring human health, designing products, and making our environment convenient, secure, and sustainable. Infosys enables new services and features for smart connected vehicles and creates new revenue streams for OEMs through better service management and warranty management capabilities. With IoT, the end consumer can now receive better products, customized service and value based pricing directly from the product or service provider without intermediary layers.

MongoDB Atlas on Amazon Web Services unlocks innovative use cases to help customers deliver next-generation vehicle experiences. Discover tools to make real-time decisions, increase overall equipment effectiveness, improve product quality, and enhance the customer experience. Capitalize on all your intel with time-series applications that can analyze trends and quickly identify anomalies—before they cause failures.

The automotive market is undergoing important transformations thanks to the latest cloud technologies. Reply combines the deep knowledge of the customer’s processes with their technological skills on Amazon Web Services to help industry leaders in the sector. From connected car solutions to digital customer engagement and advanced analytics, Reply has the expertise to help you navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the automotive industry.

Sibros Technologies
Sibros provides its next-generation automotive software and data management solutions via a single embedded vehicle-to-cloud system, designed to run on a full array of Amazon Web Services native services. Connect and manage all in-vehicle software and data to orchestrate deep, safe, and secure OTA software updates, data collection, remote commands and more, for every in-vehicle ECU and sensor.

Siemens Digital Industries Software
Siemens is at the forefront of digital transformation in the automotive landscape. Siemens Digital Industries Software and Siemens Xcelerator—Siemens’ open digital business platform—are transforming the everyday by giving companies the agility, flexibility, and adaptability to turn ideas into innovation with efficiency and speed. When you combine Siemens Xcelerator with the Amazon Web Services Cloud, you’re able to achieve digital transformation at your own pace.

Tata Consultancy Services
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) crafts cloud transformation journeys that redefine automotive value chains, delight customers, and impact lives. TCS automotive services on Amazon Web Services helps automakers and suppliers enhance operational resiliency, product quality, and customer experience while keeping sustainability at the heart of it all.

Tech Mahindra
Tech Mahindra’s automotive vertical is a distinguished practice, with over 30 years of expertise interacting with multiple customers globally in diverse technology implementations, including catering to some of the world’s top automotive OEMs and top tier-one suppliers. Tech Mahindra’s strong partner ecosystem in automotive enables end-to-end solutions across product, production, performance, and experience value chains.

Weights & Biases
Weights & Biases (W&B) is a premier developer-first MLOps platform to build better models faster. Unlock your machine learning team’s productivity by optimizing, visualizing, collaborating on, and standardizing their model and data pipelines—regardless of framework, environment, or workflow. Weights & Biases streamlines MLOps for machine learning and deep learning workloads on Amazon Web Services, whether on Amazon SageMaker or running your own machine learning on Amazon Web Services.

By combining traditional solutions with innovative platforms, Wipro’s Cloud Car ecosystem and software defined vehicle expertise enables the automotive industry to re-imagine how safety and entertainment features are developed, deployed, and maintained—ultimately delivering vehicles that are safer and more enjoyable to drive.

Over the last 20 years, WirelessCar has worked with some of the largest OEMs in the industry. Today, WirelessCar is harnessing the power of Amazon Web Services to connect more than 11 million vehicles in over 100 countries and deliver services across the entire spectrum of connectivity, journey intelligence, safety and security, and EV.

ZeroLight empowers brands to build and operate stunning cloud-based digital customer experiences for product configuration and exploration. ZeroLight puts all of that earned experience and capability in your hands to stream your own Unreal, Unity, and Windows applications on the ZeroLight cloud streaming platform, OmniStream. OmniStream provides the highest levels of user experience with enterprise-standard resilience, scale, and security with features including 3D cloud streaming, image-on-demand services, shared collaborative sessions, retail, and immersive VR experiences.

Customers: Learn about Amazon Web Services Automotive Competency Partners

Amazon Web Services Automotive Competency Partners make it easier for customers to innovate towards a cloud enabled digital transformation by providing a wide selection of solutions across the eight strategic solution areas.

Build the future, faster, together through a secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient cloud infrastructure. Explore the Amazon Web Services Automotive Competency Partners page for more information.

Partners: Become an Amazon Web Services Automotive Competency Partner

Amazon Web Services Partners with automotive offerings can learn more about becoming an Amazon Web Services Competency Partner.

Amazon Web Services Automotive Competency Partners receive incremental benefits in addition to Amazon Web Services Competency Program benefits , including an individualized and guided co-selling partner rhythm to help generate leads and opportunities as well as membership in the Amazon Web Services Automotive Community.

Amazon Web Services Partners looking to get their automotive offerings validated through the Amazon Web Services Competency Program must be at the validated or differentiated stage of the Software or Services path prior to applying.

To apply, review the Program Guide and access the application in Amazon Web Services Partner Central .